Michelin Malaysia Unveils New Power 6, Power GP 2 & Anakee Road...

Michelin Malaysia Unveils New Power 6, Power GP 2 & Anakee Road Motorcycle Tyres

Michelin Malaysia, a global leader in tyre technology, has announce the launch of 3 new additions to its motorcycle tyre lineup for the Malaysian market i.e. the MICHELIN Power 6, MICHELIN Power GP 2, and MICHELIN Anakee Road. These cutting-edge tyres embody Michelin’s commitment to innovation, sustainability, and delivering top-tier performance and safety on the road. The release of these models reaffirms Michelin’s dedication to meeting the evolving needs of riders through advanced technology and forward-thinking mobility solutions.MICHELIN Power 6_Wet Road

Michelin_Prichapakorn Dangrojana_Managing Director - Michelin Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei“We’re thrilled to demonstrate Michelin’s steadfast dedication to adapting to ever-changing consumer needs through the innovative expansion of our motorcycle products. With innovation at the core of Michelin’s strategic approach, we are dedicated to advancing our motorcycle tire offerings to maintain our position as the benchmark in the industry for riders and OEMs alike and are delighted to be able to cater to Malaysian motorcyclists whose passion encompasses both the open road and the racetrack. Now with the MICHELIN Power 6, MICHELIN Power GP 2, and MICHELIN Anakee Road, we’re embarking on a technical revolution that promises to elevate the riding journey for Malaysian motorcyclists,” commented Prichapakorn Dangrojana, Managing Director of Michelin Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.

MICHELIN Power 6 (RM1,020 – RM2,000 per set)

The MICHELIN Power 6 sets a new standard for sportiness on the road. Precision-crafted and engineered for excellence, this tyre delivers optimised grip in wet and dry conditions, along with sporty handling inspired by Michelin’s motorsport expertise. Regardless of whether it’s daily commuting or long motorcycle journeys, riders can expect performance and control without compromising on mileage. Available in various sizes for motorcycles over 300 cc, the MICHELIN Power 6 is the choice for riders seeking both track-like thrills and open road comfort.

MICHELIN Power GP 2 (RM1,300 – RM1,700 per set)

Originally designed for the track and now approved for street use, the MICHELIN Power GP 2 is the pinnacle of tyre engineering. Ideal for super sports bikes including those with engines exceeding 600 cc, this tyre offers enhanced grip on wet and dry surfaces. Developed by the same team of Michelin engineers and drawing upon Michelin’s extensive track record of over 400 wins in MotoGP™, the MICHELIN Power GP 2 brings high-performance motorsport technology to riders on the street or the track.

MICHELIN Anakee Road (RM1,300 – RM1,700 per set)

The MICHELIN Anakee Road combines the best of the Anakee and Road tyre ranges to cater to trail motorcycles, offering unmatched confidence and safety on the road. Crafted specifically for trail motorcycles for on-road use, this tyre provides exceptional wet grip for a connected feel on wet roads, ensuring a reliable ride mile after mile. With a 90/10 ratio for on-road/off-road usage, the MICHELIN Anakee Road delivers a comfortable on-road experience while enabling riders to venture off-road with ease. This tyre offers unparalleled on-road performance and safety, no matter where your journey takes you.

Leading the Industry with Confidence

With over 130 years of tyre development history and more than 500 wins in the FIM World Championships, Michelin’s expertise is unmatched. Its motorcycle tyres are recognised globally for delivering exceptional performance in all riding conditions. Additionally, the MICHELIN Power and MICHELIN Anakee ranges have been approved and homologated by premium manufacturers such as BMW Motorrad, Triumph, KTM, and Honda, among others.

Michelin’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and performance are reflected in the MICHELIN Power 6, MICHELIN Power GP 2, and MICHELIN Anakee Road, setting new standards for motorcycle tyre technology and elevating the riding experience for Malaysian motorcyclists.

For more information about these new tire models, visit https://www.michelin.com.my/motorbike/motorbikes-scooters-tyres. MICHELIN Anakee Road_Off-road


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