Jaecoo Malaysia’s J7 SUV Proves Its Mettle At M4TREC

Jaecoo Malaysia’s J7 SUV Proves Its Mettle At M4TREC

Jaecoo Malaysia’s first SUV model, the J7, is scheduled for an official launch in the middle of this year. And to show what its debut model is capable of, it recently organised a session at the Malaysia 4WD Training and Experience Centre (M4TREC) in Semenyih for the media to take the Jaecoo J7 off the tarmac. The M4TREC prepared a challenging circuit featuring 6 diverse terrains for drivers and passengers to get a firsthand experience of the J7’s exceptional prowess. Malaysia 4WD Training & Experience Centre_M4TREC_Off-roading Course

Jaecoo J7_Centre Console_Gear Lever_Drive Mode_Cup Holders_Wireless ChargerAnd while its main target buyers are largely urbanites, one of the variants of the Jaecoo J7 to be sold here is equipped with the advanced All-Road Drive Intelligent System (ARDIS) featuring 7 terrain driving modes. In addition to the standard Economy, Normal, and Sports modes, the Jaecoo J7 All-Wheel Drive (AWD) variant offers 4 additional terrain modes i.e. Sand, Mud, Snowfield, and Off-road terrains. Furthermore, it has a water wading capacity of 600 mm to handle deep water obstacles.

The built-in 540-degree camera system makes for an invaluable tool for clearing obstacles. Displayed on the 14.8″ infotainment screen (AWD variant), the camera system provides drivers with a 3-dimensional and transparent view of the car’s surroundings, including the ground, at the touch of a button, to aid in navigating challenging terrains.Jaecoo J7_Steering_Infotainment Screen_540 Degree Camera

Moving the J7 is a 1.6L TGDI turbo petrol engine that delivers 194 hp and 290 Nm of torque through a 7-speed dual-clutch transmission (7-DCT) to the all-wheel drive system. The wet clutch gearbox is tuned to shift gears in as fast as 0.2 seconds. The AWD torque intervention also offers a quick reaction time that is as low as 0.1 seconds thereby enhancing driving control.

At M4TREC, the Jaecoo J7 faced some courses which are slightly more demanding than any pothole-ridden road or (possibly) flood which the Klang Valley could throw at it. The course include the side slope challenge, frame twister, ridge crossing, roller ramp, and water wading environments.

The side slope demonstated the J7’s stability on tilted surfaces and its ability to ensure a more composed ride. This obstacle also shows off the quick response time of the ARDIS system and traction control system which utilise wheel-braking to prevent slip and maintain control.

The frame twister highlights the vehicle’s structural stiffness and integrity. The J7 has over 80% of high-strength steel in its body, surpassing some well-known luxury brands. This exercise also reinforces the ability of the AWD system in transferring torque to the wheel(s) which have traction in order to move the vehicle.

The roller ramp also drove home the point of the capable AWD system’s effective transfer of torque, with the aid of the traction control system, to the one wheel that had grip. Jaecoo J7_M4TREC_Ridge Crossing

The J7’s body is designed to have a 21-degree approach angle and a 29-degree departure angle to ensure that it is able to safely clear steep slopes without damaging the underside. In the ridge crossing challenge, the J7 was able to drive up a steep slow and then down it without taking any of the bumpers off.

With a fairly significant ground clearance of 200 mm, and sitting on 19″ wheels, the J7 is able to traverse water-logged roads (up to 600 mm of water depth). Jaecoo J7_M4TREC_Water Wading Course

Leo Chen, President of Jaecoo Malaysia, highlighted the brand’s unique appeal, stating, “Jaecoo is redefining how drivers enjoy the urban off-road driving experience with sophisticated style, as embodied in the brand’s ethos ‘From Classic, Beyond Classic’.” Seeking to set the benchmark as a challenger in the C-segment SUV, the J7 promises superior driving control to navigate various weather and road conditions, as well as terrains.” Jaecoo J7_Outdoors_Camping

“The expectations on SUVs today are higher and more demanding than ever in line with the dynamic driving conditions drivers face today. By showcasing the J7’s best in class capability and durability on tough terrains at M4TREC recently, we’re giving drivers the confidence to be fearless when exploring adventures off the beaten track,” shared Emily Lek, Vice President of Jaecoo Malaysia.

The Jaecoo J7 AWD is expected to come with a RM160k price tag while the 2WD variant will be RM150k. Visit www.jaecoo.com.my for more information.


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