Modenas Kriss 110 Disc Brake Variant Launched In Malaysia

Modenas Kriss 110 Disc Brake Variant Launched In Malaysia

Modenas Kriss 110 Disc Brake_HezeriMotosikal dan Enjin Nasional Sdn Bhd (MODENAS) has launched the Modenas Kriss 110 Disc Brake variant to its best-selling moped model. The Kriss 110 is an important model to the company as it is the brand’s first motorcycle. It was launched in 1996, a year after the company was founded.

The latest Kriss 110 variant includes a number of upgrades to the model updated in September 2019, including extra safety features and styling updates. As per its name, the Kriss 110 Disc Brake comes with front twin-piston disc brakes, with the rear sporting drum brakes.

It is also designed with twin shock absorbers for better riding comfort. Additionally, it uses tubeless tyres fitted on stylish sports rims which complement the grey titanium engine and muffler cover. With a shorter wheelbase, as well as upgrades in material and seat cushion thickness, the new variant offers enhanced ergonomics for optimum comfort and improved vehicle control.

Styling-wise, the Modenas Kriss 110 Disc Brake variant gets a new multi-reflector headlamp for enhanced brightness in dark or low light riding. This is complemented by an attractive new decal design to accentuate the overall styling. The bike also includes a hazard light function for better safety and visibility, a feature still uncommon even in motorcycles above its class.

Further, the Kriss 110 Disc Brake is equipped with a host of convenient features. It now comes complete with a new digital fuel gauge and gear indicator, and a built-in USB charging port. Cargo space under the seat is still a spacious 6.6 litres.

Weighing in at only 97 kg, the 4-stroke, SOHC, single-cylinder, carburetor powered motorcycle remains air-cooled and generates 4.9kW of power and 6.7 Nm of torque.

“The added features that comes with it makes the Kriss 110 Disc Brake variant one of the best choices for first-time motorcycle buyers seeking a reliable and easy-to-handle machine. It comes with a two-year or 20,000 km warranty, whichever is earlier, is EEV-certified and is fully compliant with Euro 3 emission standards. I believe that with its pricing and all its safety and style upgrades, we have a winner in our hands,” said MODENAS Chief Executive Officer, Roslan Roskan.

The Modenas Kriss 110 Disc Brake variant is priced at RM3,877 (before insurance and road tax) offering premium styling and a number of features that are not usually available in its class. The new variant also adds red as a new colour option, to the current blue and black options.

With the added features offering better value for money, Roslan Roskan is hopeful that this “Ikon Rakyat” continues to be a staple in Malaysian households, like its predecessor.


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