All-new Ford Focus Challenge completes finale

All-new Ford Focus Challenge completes finale

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The All-New Ford Focus Challenge – Buy One, Win One campaign came to its climax over the weekend with 20 finalists gathered at Publika Mall for the finale competing against each other to win a brand new Ford Focus Titanium worth RM115,888.

All customers who placed their orders and took delivery of a Focus before 31 Dec 2012 were invited to participate in the challenge via email and SMS. For the first round, a series of 20 questions were sent to the participants and those who were able to answer all questions correctly within the specified time frame advanced to the second round.

The 90 participants who advanced to the second round were whittled down to the last 20 who most creatively answered the question on “How do the SMART features on my all-new Ford Focus fit my lifestyle?”

At the finale itself, participants had to negotiate three rounds of challenges to win the big prize. The day started off with a mini treasure hunt followed by a ‘triathlon’ round in which participants and their partners had to complete a sudoku, solve a puzzle, and negotiate a mini ‘gymkhana’ of sorts with a two-person bicycle. Upon completing the triathlon, participants then advance to the final face-off.

The big prize of the Focus Titanium ultimately went to Mr Leong Keng Wai and coming right behind him taking second prize was En Halim Shah bin Hamzah, who wins a 10D7N trip to Spain. Third-placed winner En Mohd Faiz bn Md Fathil wins an 8D5N trip to Sydney and Melbourne in Australia. Other prizes up for grabs as prizes were several Nokia Lumia 820 smart phones and AEON Jusco shopping vouchers.



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