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Range Rover MKii Workshops?

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Posted 10 July 2003 - 07:14 PM


    Road Warrior

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Hey guys,
other than Land Rover Malaysia is there any other places that specialises
it fixing and servicing Range Rover MKii?
Also does anyone have any idea who has a diagnostic or tool book machine
for the stupid Range Rover 4.6HSE?
Also i wonder if anyone here owns of have experienced having a Range
Coz currently i'm apparently having a transfer box ECU failure. That
means i'm stuck in high range only.
Thanks in advance


Posted 11 July 2003 - 01:14 AM


    Road Warrior

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Greetings babygod,

I dunno whether you've heard of the Mobil w-shop at lorong universiti near
UH? Khidzir 019-3116614. I saw quite a number of RR MkIIs come and go and
they have regular clients. Should be okay lor...

Maybe you could inquire from Chan Fook Mun 013-3415293 (LR parts dealer).
He seems to know the LR community well (he should) and he did try to help
me out by recommending someone (mech) concerning repairs. For parts, I
refer directly to him rather than his staff. Fer ex, starter for RR
classic, he quoted RM900 but his staff quoted RM 1300!. It pays to have
met with him cos he normally asks 1st who and where are u from.

It's a small world in the LR community. you'd bound to bump into the same
person every now and then.

Hope the little info helps....


PS, btw, could you care to detail a bit about the risks (and joys) of
upgrading to a 4.6 Rangie? Prices are coming down and wonder if they are
worth upgrading to from the classic RR (you do have experience with both
models, eh?)


Posted 15 July 2003 - 09:10 PM


    Road Warrior

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Hey Bumibersih,
sorry for the late reply. Yeah i double agree with u the the Land/ Range
Rover community is pretty small so i'm definitely bound to bang into
someone. Hehe.
For parts i get my stuff from Pudu, this chap by the name of Michael. The
thing is this silly transfer case ECU failure i have is damn annoying, it
is currently stuck in highrange and the replacement for it qouted by Land
Rover is 4k. OUCH........
Tomorrow will be dropping by the Mobil station.

My experience with the 4.6 HSE?
It stands for HIGHLY SENSITIVE ELECTRONICS if u get my drift hahaha.
Mine is the 1997 model and it is not as notorious as the first batch
which is really a piece of electronic junk. Thats why u see they are
going for dirt cheap prices coz i'm sure the previous owners was just
dead fedup of it.
Anyway here are the list of problems mine has gone through.
Air suspension failure- this cost us a major mojor !@@$@#%!@#
the other little nitty gritty stuff so far is:
Transfer ECU failure, airbag lights sometimes comes on, aircon warning
lights on though there isnt much problem, noisy wheel bearings, driver
power window went kaput, the cloth on the roof will colapse just like the
old RR and part of the door sills trim will melt. Hmm what else........

Surprisingly the 4.0SE is much more reliable and not as nortorious as its
4.6 HIGHLY SENSITIVE brother. Had it for a while b4 we sold it.

And my trusty 1989 Range Rover Vogue Classic is still the bomb......
Any time more reliable to the MKii. Just live with British quirkyness and
it is as tough as nuts. Great workhorse, i use it pretty often, towing
and carrying barang and load it to the brim with college chicks
comfortably hahaha.
Oh plus mine still is able to top 175kph considering it is a 3.5 litre.
Only thing is that it is a petrol guzzler. Sigh i wish my dad owns an oil
Oh u wouldnt belive the other day i saw a Range Rover Vogue SE 3.5. The
one with leather seats and stuff was sold off for 3k only. Bummer......

OH anyway to cut my boring ramblings, if u want a reliable car stick with
the original. If u want the "wind head" factor or the country squire
feeling and u can basically live with the endless crap, get the MKii. It
is bloody comfortable but the rest i guess u dont have to explain. But
personally i think the 4.0SE is the one to get if u want a reliable MKii
through my experience.


Posted 16 July 2003 - 03:33 PM


    Road Warrior

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Thanks fer the info babygod. A needed insight b4 venturing into any

I had an accident and my classic rangie's a goner. Could still be repaired
but you know the body parts could not be found at them chop shops. And
it's too expensive to repair. I expect the insurance gonna offer me total

So that Vogue SE sold for 3K? Alahai... could've jumped on it. Hey if you
got any good lead, e-mail me at bumibersih@yahoo.com pls...

Y'know, it's hard to change to other makes even if I have the dough. A
rangie nut will always be a rangie nut. Fer me, it's the RM as well. I saw
one '89 fer sale for 25K. At 25-30K, what other 4wds would offer such
comfort (and at times a lil bit of head aches..lol)? But still waiting fer
the insurance money. Sigh...

Coming back to the HSE... so, the gearbox is also electronically
controlled, eh? There goes my devillish (purists would sream sacrilege!)
thought of changing the engine to a toyota 1-jzT (celica) and mating it to
the zf gearbox.

Yep 4.0 is quite rare. Guess I just hafta stick to the classics and get
the brooklands type kit (stylish bummper with side skirt). My crashed
rangie has that kit and so far, I saw only 4 in M'sia.



Posted 16 July 2003 - 09:01 PM


    Road Warrior

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1JZ in a Range Rover......

But sigh i do wish i have a TVR 5.0 litre in my classic though.
I believe there is still no replacement for displacement.
Turbo cars no fun lah talking from experience.
Sounds nice but u will eventually get sick of the pishh, pishh sound and
the low end lethargic lag.....

How on earth could u crash your RR
=-( sob sob.
Hope it will get well soon. =D

I tell u what is SACRELIEGE. If the resources(in 10 or 20 lifetimes or so)
the next charismatic 4wd that will acompany the RR MKi and RR MKii will
be the Porsche Cayenne Turbo.
Since it is going for almost the same price for the RR MKiii, u get my
drift kekeke.


Posted 17 July 2003 - 03:29 AM


    Road Warrior

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Yep, nothing beats the displacement...esp in torque gain. But then, the
road tax in m'sia for that 5lit engine...alahai. Once I saw the BMW (750,
I think) of the towkay of SAPURA. RM 12K road tax. Wow, no shXt!

Regarding the accident, well, hit a puddle, veered right onto an incoming
van, jerked left to avoid it and masuk parit...rather big one. front left
smashed and left side (incl 2 doors) all kemek one. I dun really fancy
repairing it since body quite hard to repair. Anyway, fer 25K, better get
another MkI, eh? So do pls holler if you happen to hear a nice offer on
those MkIs. Am searching fer one...

Well, cayenne is really making waves but I guess it's in a different
league. It would blast many aspiring sports car and the rangie MkIII would
take on them luxos. I do heard that a supercharger was developed for the
4.6 MkIII, pumping 400+ horsies. Granted, not in the same league as the
Cayenne but would still combine the best of both worlds, on road
performace and off-road prowess.

If I have money to burn, I'll get the MkIII + that supercharger. But then,
mebbe I'll get me self a house and the humble MkI LSE.

So, how was your trip to Mobil? Could khidzir manage it? I was informed at
that Mobil, there are 2 operators of the workshop. The one I would go is
Khidzir. Neeway, they are not the only ones in the LR repairing bizness. I
just dunno others...yet.

Cheers pal.


Posted 17 July 2003 - 02:43 PM


    Road Warrior

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True that road tax will cost a bomb, but i still believe the RR is the
cheapest way to own a V8 in Malaysia since the road tax structure for
4wds is roughly 30% cheaper.
Hmm if i had the money for a RR MKiii i think i will like to have a
Overfinch 5.0 litre conversion. Where they plonk on some parts from BMW M
division such as a M5 crank.
Then again if i ever have the chance to own one i think i will follow my
principle of KISS. Keep is Stock Silly. =p

So i take it u aquaplane your Range Rover that caused u to crash? Ouch.
I guess even with permanent 4wd u still cant defeat the law of physics.
Touch wood so far havent crashed my classic though surprisingly my tow
hitch seems to attract alot of cars to come hitting it and bust their
radiators and leaving their cars stricken while i just drive off the
scene. Hehe

Just wondering is there any other RR fanatics that actually group
together for TTs and stuff?


Posted 17 July 2003 - 03:13 PM


    Road Warrior

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Wow, a 5 lit bomb in the MkIII. Hehe, yet kept prim and proper without
harnessing its true potential. Whatta waste. Guess, if one owns a MkIII,
one would be rich enuff to splash it around...

If I am rich enuff to afford a 300-400K car, I'd move to Langkawi, get a
MkIII tax-free. Stupid, moving to Langkawi just to own a car. Aiyaa, once
an RR nut, always an RR nut.

Yep, that shows man-made (cars) would never overcome God-made (laws of
physics). A humbling thought.... Sometimes we do push our luck too far.
How arrogant we have become.

I dunno abut RR buffs gathering...apart from the coterie but guess they
are a posh lot. I do owe a friend who came back from UK (a series owner in
UK and now a proud classic owner in M'sia) a TT and roti canai. And
there's this fella CXOng, owner of a td disco whom I got to know through
this forum. We do agree in principle to meet fer TT. I think disco would
be similar to the classic since they share the same suspension system.
Yep, why not? You can e-mail me at bumibersih@yahoo.com and mebbe we could
arrange sumthing.

Cheers pal.


Posted 17 July 2003 - 09:36 PM


    Road Warrior

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oh yeah anyway my icq is 32163449 and my email is vcheong@tm.net.my

Er go to Langkawi?
Hmm, a bit boring lah the place unless u are the type that enjoys sun,
sea and surf.
Other than being a typical beach bum there is not much to offer in
As for coterie... dont ask me coz my guess is as good as yours. Dunno
about it. Must me some exclusive thing for exclusive ppl. Hehe

the only thing i notice that is missing on the Disco is that it doesnt
have a self levelling Boge Hydromat... then again correct me if i'm wrong.


Posted 18 July 2003 - 03:02 AM


    Road Warrior

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Yep, Langkawi is boring. Did stay there once (ada kerja) fer about a week
and could feel the boredom creeping in. Of course island hopping is fun
but you dun go island hopping all the time. Mebbe it could be fun if
you're filthy rich and have money to burn.

The coterie is a kinda club organised by LRM for range rover
owners....mebbe they've extended it to disco and perhaps freelander owners
as well. Condition, owners of RRs bought from LRM. Count me out. My RR was
a grey import (albeit with a nice brooklands type kit). Exclusive is the
word.... spot on pal.

Urh...I dunno much about techies. Just that I was told the disco shares
the same suspension system as the classic, hence the superb ride. Mebbe
the disco would beat the classic (save the last 93-96 makes perhaps) in
the NVH dept due to newer design. That said, I've never been in a disco.

But the classic is a legend. And owning a legend fer peanuts is my cup of
tea...hehe. I was told if I gotta the dough and the chance grab the 95-96
models. The dash board is different and much nicer. Saw it (Vogue LSE) and
agreed with that guy (mech at mobil).

And oh, btw, tried to send you an e-mail from my other e-mail add
(celcom.net.my) but sumthing came out. Pls confirm if you received it.
It's about organising TT meet.

Cheers pal