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Range Rover MKii Workshops?

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Posted 15 January 2004 - 11:10 AM


    Fast & Furious

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hmmmm, if that is the case than u have to send for puspakom chk ah?
because its like changing engine. its too late now but maybe for future
project i think its easier to put the new body on the old chasis (is the
rr vin stamped on the chasis or bodyshell?)

the mould u r talking abt is for high volume stuff, cant do that with
skirting/bodykit coz i dun think ppl want similar style.

regarding the mk2, bukan tamak, info jer :)

incidently, my home pc also kong, i think kene virus, nasib baik banyak
stuff i sempat back up, phew :)

chk lrom site, ada series 1 tengah rebuild, nice. i'll look for one later
after siap the current 110 :) heheheheh tamak betul


Posted 23 January 2004 - 11:01 PM


    Road Warrior

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Lama tak masuk. Just too bz with me brudder's project and my notebook
kong worsens the situation. My rangie's out of order ni is like "patah
kaki". Now my notebook's gone, like patah tangan ooo. Them virus writers
oughta be shot. Come to think of it, it's better them virus writers to be
raped and sodomised and strangled than poor 10-yr-olds. Sigh... brilliant
brains but worthless souls. Actually them corrupted souls with brilliant
brains are the ones who wreck havoc on this world.

Neeway, there is sunshine after rain eh? Hopefully...

eh, you know where to build fibreglass mould and stuffs? Just a thot...

I just wanna get going 1st. Eventually I hafta change the body onto the
ori chassis. Insurance tak mau cover ooo... Btw, the vin # is stamped on
the chassis.

I was counting on a total loss but somehow, the insurance kedekut or w-
shop owner pakat with adjuster or both to deny me the total loss.Tak
logik. Repair should be over 30K even with 2nd hand body (which is verry
hard to get btw) and the insured sum is just 25K. Sigh.. another case of
corrupted souls..albeit less dramatic.

Ah well, catch ya folks later.

To unker chips, my chinese kaki landys CXOng and babygod (and others in
general), Gong Xi Fa Chai, albeit a belated one. A leap forward and
prosperous year....and less of monkey bizness encountered.



Posted 24 January 2004 - 01:43 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Thanks and may the new year bring you good luck and and verything is in
To other kaki in forum, wish you have a healthy and prosperous year.


Posted 23 February 2004 - 12:07 AM



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I am soooo sorry for the long silent. Been busy with the closing & all.
How's everybody? How's 2004 so far?
Just wanna keep y'all posted on the repairs done on my MKII. In Jan I got
stuck in the middle of KK city. The disc brake gave way. I had to tow it
to Land Rover. The guy who did the tow was such an idiot. The left front
air suspension was disconnected. Thank got those mechanic manage to re-
seal it back. Both front wheel had their discs & pads changed. Cost
around 1,200+. Then, just last week I chenged it's hydrolic tappets. Got
it at 900+ at Sin Tong Bee (include all the gaskets). Me & my mechanic
got ithcy hands...we scrapped all the carbon & water pressured the rocker
arm & shaft. It got so clean that when we fixed it back, it prodeces
squicking noise (fairly lout). That why I got myself new rocker arms &
its shaft from a supplier from Johore. Got it at 900+, where as STB
quoted me 2,688. When it came, all were in LAnd Rover plastics. But when
we compared with the original parts, we realised that it was imitations.
Got it fixed anyway. Now it's quite again. Cool.
THat's all for now. WIll keeep on posting anymore progress. Hehheheh...I
still love my Rangie.


Posted 23 February 2004 - 03:10 AM


    Road Warrior

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Long time no come in too. Hehe...so you're becoming a tru blu landy...
enduring those pains and yet loving the ole rig.

My rangie is nearly completed (repairs). Should be out in a weeks time. A
replaced body, so it comes with its own fabric seats. Am seriously
thinking of putting back the leather seats with electrical switches to
adjust. A few things to do, air-cond, temp sensors...

Khizir (the mech) said that he'd rebuild the car to be good; mostly ori
parts (ouch!). I did let him have his way actually - said to him that pls
rebuild the car as he sees fit..but I'm also on a budget.

1-2 weeks back, I drove the car a bit and I can say that I never felt such
smoothness (went through 3 RR classics b4 and none as smooth as this one).
I say Khizir's really doing it! Got a reputation at stake, I guess. I say
this guy Khizir is good, might not be the best but he's good.

The engine has been fitted with a some new parts, water jacket, fan..etc.
2nd hand KONI shocks (wanted to have oil instead of gas shocks but well...
gave "carte blanche" to Khizir), ori LR bushes (would have preferred blue
polybushes - more comfy but then....), new silencers (2) - not LR brand
but aftermarkets to fit RR. The list is quite long. Many parts has been
replaced; too long to list.

The last count (repair cost) was about RM 3K+ but that was b4 the spray &
ketok on some body parts (did a wonderful job, so far it looks as never
been knocked), the 2 exhaust silencers (RM1K+) and some other stuffs. So
am expecting it to go to RM 6K+ or more (hopefully not!). But then, most
of the repairs should've been done after I purchased the car in 2002. 2nd
hand, should have lotsa wear n tear.

So Shamoo, r u coming down here in da future? TT session a must and u
might wanna drive the classic if it's ready. Apart from the electronic
gizmos, my bet is that the rebuilt rangie could give a Mk II a serious
challenge in ride (okay I concede it can't do fast cornering due to extra
body roll).

Okay then, hafta go. lotsa things to do.

For my Muslim brethren, Selamat Menyambut Ma'al Hijrah.



Posted 10 October 2004 - 01:01 PM


    Taxi Driver

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What is the market value for a RR MKii 2.5 DSE these days?


Posted 20 October 2004 - 01:34 AM


    Road Warrior

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Above RM 100K. So far I only saw model '97 in classifieds. Not many offered for



Posted 16 December 2004 - 11:32 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Don't see the DSE models advertised anymore... Wonder if there are any
still left around.