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Range Rover MKii Workshops?

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Posted 23 July 2003 - 09:49 PM


    Road Warrior

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Hey dude,
i'm up for it next week preferrably on a weekday.
And yeah Ampang area man. =D

My dad carried the mods on the Classic as back then he was the
distributor for Ultimate Suspension b4 gaving it away to Toh of
I'm not sure if the original setup came with sway bars but i do know that
all standard Range Rovers i've come across handles like a boat around
corners hehe.
Oh btw my number is 0122785277


Posted 23 July 2003 - 11:28 PM


    Road Warrior

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OK, we'll try next week. Dun have much time neeway.

I'll be also a farewell TT fer our friend Mitchell. Hope you're OK fer
next week, one of the weekdays, CXOng.

Babygod, can u propose a hangout place? Sumwhere near Ampang Point...izzat
place ok?

I'll contact Mitchell.



Posted 24 July 2003 - 05:42 PM


    Road Warrior

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OK guys... how about Friday evening 1st August?


Posted 25 July 2003 - 11:53 AM


    Taxi Driver

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Should be okay for me. Let me know the venue and time. Thanks


Posted 30 July 2003 - 04:30 PM



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Greetings from the Land of 4x4....err...Sabah, the land below the wind
(thou never understood the term).
Been thinking about getting an MKII for a long time, but the hefty
prerequisite made me ponder longer without any action taken.
Only recently that I accidentally met up with a workshop owner by the name
of Khiong that has somehow affected my intention...positively.
You see, he had done almost 3 SACRILAGE to a 4,6HSE. What he did was, he
convert the engine using a TZ Prado 3 litre intercooler turbo diesel. At
a cost of RM21K. Also, he would be able to change the air suspension to
normal coil springs at a cost of RM8K.
What do you think guys?
I'm thinking of getting one from KL at a price of RM60K-70K. Saw a few in
the Motor Trader/ Star Classified.
Say, tentatively, can get it RM60K stock. A loan of 7 years & 5% interest
will enhanced the cash flow as compared to what I'm paying currently for
my Stormer.
I'm anticipating that you guys will discourage me for the conversion.
Well how else would I be able to afford a 95 4.6HSE at such a bargain
To add to that, our road tax for the Prado engine will be RM900+.
Cheaper...or a lot cheaper than KL price.
Will fly to KL mid August to view 2 Rangies.
Chiao guys.


Posted 30 July 2003 - 06:18 PM


    Road Warrior

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Greetings Shamoo,

Well, the mark II model, if you have followed this thread, is a bit of a
headache when it comes to electronics. Mechanically, few can match the
legendary LR prowess (off-roading I mean, not some quirky, annoying but
quite harmless things). Electronics, that's a different matter altogether.

Yup, it makes sense to change to diesel in Sabah. Been to Sabah, from KK
to Tawau in '96. I say, you really need a diesel. Not just for economy
(and low road tax), but for the mileage as well. We, here in Semenanjung
take our petrol stations fer granted - even in some remote towns oso got
petrol stations. If you do that in Sabah, you're dead! I hope they have
improved on the number of petrol stations available by now.

Can transform aar? Ayam interested oso, if got money hehe. Summore toyota
engine (reliability). If you do that, do please post your exp here. I was
wondering about the compatibility with the gearbox with regard to the
electronics. I heard that modern engines come in an electronic package
with them gearboxes (linked to one another). Once separated from the
original gearbox, the engine may not work well (or at all) with the
different gearbox.

coil springs, I heard that oso. I'd do that. In fact for the mark I
(classic) Vogue LSE, it is a common thing (changing to coil springs). Less
electronic is best...esp in Sabah. You do not have the luxury of getting
realiable workshops to tend to the quirkiness of electronics.

Btw, if you haven't heard of him, do try to get on touch wth this guy:
Chan Fook Mun (013-3415293) - pls tell him Adlan from Gombak told you
about him. He deals in LR spares and normally could get things from him at
about half than LRM. Could offer some advice too. Could compare how much
you could get from him and in Sabah.

When you're in Semenanjung, you could oso go to the Mobil near UH in PJ
and see Khidzir (mentioned earlier in this thread). Could try to discuss a
bit, if possible. Get as much info as possible b4 you commit.

Naturally, we'd welcome you to the LR fraternity...hybrid or not,
sacrilege or not, if the suspension, chassis, body still an LR, it's still
an LR...at least to me.

Lastly, you might want to contact babygod personally to ask more. His
daddy owns a '97 Mark II. Can help this bloke ar, babygod?



Posted 30 July 2003 - 10:16 PM



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Actually eyeing one 4.6 HSE selling for RM79K. I will try to negotiate &
knock down the price for 65 probably.
The conversion job will take about solid 1 month, cause the mechanic owner
wants to make sure everything works out okay. There is one currently
roaming around for a year & have no problem, apart from the normal bits
every now & then.
Clean Earth (I like your nick name), are you saying that I should consider
less electronic model (i.e. 4.0SE) rather than the Highly Sensitive E
(HSE)? I was pondering about it cause, if I were to dismantle the
computer thingy, I might as well be buying the less electronic ones.
However, I will lose out to the extras that the top-of-the-model offers.
I may want to consider the Toyota Ninja King's 3.9 diesel engine.
What will I lose once I expire the computer thingy? Apart from memory
seat, 5 level adjustments, the message centre etc.
I read in one of the RR sites that the MKII has about 8 computers for 8
different roles. Could I dismantle them SELECTIVELY? Say, wanna keep the
BeCM under the driver's seat while disconnect some other part? Ehhh any
I will need to check on the gear box. I remember that the RM21K includes
the change of gearbox. What worries me is the electronic portion of it.
From my first meeting eith the mechanic, he will dismantle the computer
system. There goes the other goodies.
The petrol kiosk was quite abundant now. The other day when I drove to
Sandakan there're lots of stations in strategic locations.
Is there by any chance an MKII selling at the mobil workshop? I have the
perception that RR has a bad resale price. That's why I can afford it
now. Some even selling as low as RM60K for a 1995 model. Know anybody
Thanks man.


Posted 31 July 2003 - 12:39 AM


    Road Warrior

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Greetings Shamoo,

Alas, I'm not the person you can count on. My exp with range rover is
limited to the classic MkI. Great machine, well with some british
eccentricities. Babygod can attest to that. He owns the classic while his
daddy owns the MkII. He said that pre '97 models have lotsa troubles with
electronics, hence the cheap resale value. As fer the 4.0SE, there're not
many on sale around. I read in Autocar mag a few yrs back, they say better
get the 4.0 SE over 4.6 HSE. Didn't say why but mebbe cos of electronics...

I would not like to change the gearbox. Summore can fit aa? Engine can
modify mounting (and make a housing to fit the ori gearbox) but the
position of shafts? I recall that for pajero (L047) the front shaft is on
the left side and rear in the middle. Range rover classic, both on right
while the Mk II on the left, I think. Gotta do some homework there. That's
why there was this one Vogue LSE (classic) which was converted to a 2.5l
toyota turbo (supra) engine... but gearbox oso changed and running on 2wd.
Sigh, that's not a rangie anymore.

I dunno if that mobil sells one, but mebbe you could get a few leads from

I think there's one fer auction (G-mart) advertised in Star last week.
Dunno when, mebbe dah lepas, mebbe not yet. Reserve price for a 95 4.6 HSE
is 36K. If can get around 40K, I think I'd invest summore to overhal the
electronics....of course if the condition is OK....and if I have the dough.

When I was in Sabah in '96, drove a bit the ninja turtle and had a ride in
an isuzu trooper (mid 90s) of a friend. Comfy, yes. No doubt...but IMHO
still japanese ride. Compared to the classic,...hmm, like comparing camry
and merc ride, me thinks. Well, I might be wrong.

Mebbe you'd like to take a good look at these websites:
http://www.cunningham.me.uk/rangie/ (P38 or MkII model)

Btw, how a bout a disco? Can carry up to 7 (compared to 5 in a rangie).
Very comfy ride - suspension system similar to RR classic, even one owner
(CXOng) said comparable to the top-of-the-line Lexus LX 470. Can get a '96
Tdi fer about 60k-70k. Already diesel and no need to mods. Can ask CXOng
as he owns one.

Sorry Shamoo, I can only help you with my exp with the RR classic.

When you're in KL, mebbe we can try to arrange fer a TT together with
babygod and CXOng. Just holler when you're in town, pal.

Btw, thanks fer liking my nick. Just feel that this earth certainly needs
some cleaning up...hehe



Posted 31 July 2003 - 02:11 AM


    Road Warrior

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Hey bumibersih
Hehe i like that nick too. Very environmental conscious which many of us
unfortunately are certainly lacking. Take for example just visiting taman
negara. Can u imagine for a national park u can see rubbish littered all
over the place. Sigh.........

Hey Shamoo
Er converting your RR 4.6HSE into a hybrid mutant..............
Eh very scary and something i wouldnt even dare consider. But if u do i
certainly would love to have your original 4.6 engine. =D
There is just too many electronic stuff that its a nightmare. Well if the
conversion is definitely reliable and proven why not go ahead but i'll
prefer to keep it stock. The principal of KISS- keep it stock silly is
recommended IMHO.
If u wanna convert this and that its better to play with the Classic. U
can add anything u want under the sun. 1KZ Toyota Diesel to the extreme
of Volvo C303 portal axles hehe.
As for the luxury bits u are missing in the 4.0SE, from what i recalled
it is missing the wood trim on the doors, front fog lights, light
sensitive rear view mirriors and well not much really. Anyway if u do get
that and intend to junk your engine i want that too. Hehe

Talking about RR4.6 Highly Sensitive Electronics, now is suffering from a
major driveshaft god knows what bearing after coming back from Kelantan.
Sigh......Its a nightmare.

So is our TT still on this coming Friday?
Ampang Point?


Posted 31 July 2003 - 10:05 AM


    Road Warrior

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Shamoo, it's a bit last minute but what the heck. Appeared in the Star
(classified - auto) today, the auction by G-Mart. There's one RR 4.0
SE '94 up fer grabs. reserve price RM 31K. Nice no. WEG 1010. To be
auctioned in Kajang 1st Aug at 4.00pm (tomorrow - sigh). Contact number

The next day in Subang, apparently they gave taken the '95 RR 4.6 off the
list. Contact number 03-78471722

If u want one real bad, mebbe you could just grab a flight to KL tomorrow.
A few hundred ringgit only maa...and if it is worth it, you might even
save around 20+K. Besides, we are due to have our TT on Friday evening
with Babygod, CXOng & another rangie classic owner. Could join us y'know.

Babygod, yes Ampang Point, why not? I think there's one popular resto in
front of the entrance of Ampang Puteri Hosp. Time... 9.00 pm okay or not?
around dat lar.. 8.00 - 9.00 pm. okay meh?

btw, me handphone number 012 - 313 7927 (Adlan)