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Aftermarket Exhaust for Naza Blade 250

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Posted 08 October 2006 - 04:19 PM



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Lan tu tak de sample ker..?
bole test bunyi dia dulu...

-=Amcam... Brani..?=-


Posted 08 October 2006 - 10:27 PM



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Actually aku dah booking exhaust tu. Hopefully within this week I get it
installed. Tak apalah aku pasang dulu. Nanti lepas Raya, sapa sapa yg
minat boleh jumpa dulu, tengok exhaust aku cam mana. Kira aku ni guinea
pig testing ler ha ha ha ha ha Kalau korang tengok okay, then lepas
rayalah you all baru pasang pulak. Aku minat nak buat kat situ sebab they
all buat re-jet carb sekali. Setakat aku baca dlm net, most advise kalau
tukar exhaust straight muffler, elok buat re-jet carb sekali. Hopefully
ada performance improvement.

Today, I went to Sepang Circuit, my first ride on the track (akhirnya
dream come true). So notice that pick-up tak berapa ler Blade ni. Sempat
cecah 155 kph ajer kat back straight before kena brake for Turn 1. Aku
test kat highway boleh cecah 172 kph tapi lama giler nak sampai that
speed. So hopefully sempat tukar exhaust for this coming weekend Sepang
track day (15th October)


Posted 08 October 2006 - 11:16 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Blade 250 ker 650 yang cecah 150 - 172km/h tu??

On the exhaust change, yes, I understand that the carby must be rejet to
suit the easier exhaust gas flow (ori muffler is restrictive), else the
bike run too lean and burn out the cylinder.

But I not think I will be doing this upgrade, I am quite OK with the way
mine blade is doing now, 130km/h is the max I ride around KL/Klang
Valley. I dun think any higher is necessary as the brakes system/low grip
tyres combination would make higher speeds very dangerous.

Different if we mod the brakes and upgrade the tyres to suit the higher
speeds. Also fuel consumption might also increase and higher wear tear on
the standard air&oil cooling engine, maybe cannot cope with higher


Posted 08 October 2006 - 11:48 PM



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Azhar, Blade 250 can reach 172 kph (NKVE highway this morning but I think
the road was going slightly downhill). But on flat road, managed only 168
kph (Elite Highway). But I do this once in a blue moon only, on a wide
highway with little traffic (like this hazy morning). Its suicidal to go
around at that speed around KL. Not to mention the fuel consumption. I got
around 20 km/l only today for all those speed, accelaration and engine
bracking on Sepang track.

Thanx for the explanation on the carb re-jet. I never really know why the
need to re-jet before this. Most of the shop I went looking for exhaust
said that I can just slap on the new muffler and there's no need to re-jet.
One shop asked for RM 150 to do the re-jet. I wanna change the muffler for
the sound only. Performance improvement would be a bonus (some say the
pick-up slightly better).

I guess with me starting to go for Sepang trackdays, my engine life will be
severely cut short.


Posted 09 October 2006 - 12:50 AM


    Tokyo Drifter

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Whoa!! Blade 250 doing 172km/h on NKVE??

I guess I must shed at least 50% of my bulk, follow by the remove the
rear Givi box together with the frames for the the side carrier before I
can even attempt those speeds.

Those things I hard to do, esp the bulk thingy, 15 days of posa has done
little to it.

But I really enjoy mine blade as it is, not so much wants a speed demon
but more a low cost, low maintenance, low consumption, reliable commuter.
Big Smile


Posted 09 October 2006 - 01:19 AM



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He he he he Just to test the capability of the bike only. If everyday
lenjan redline like this, by next year kena tukar kapchai sebab my Blade
confirm jahanam ha ha ha ha

Anyway Azhar, all of us has different requirement for buying the bike. I
guess most of us buy the Blade just for the reasons you did. And I bought
mine also thanx to you. Just that for me, I have this ithcy thing about
going fast since I had my Honda Raider 10 years ago. But I don't race or do
stunts like those Rempit guys. Just layan sorang sorang. So now that I have
my Blade and Sepang is available, I might as well exorcise my speed demon
there safely than on the road.

Anyway, the Blade performs quite okay on the track. I let one of my friend
who is a veteran trackday goes (owns a Honda RC51 specifically for track
use only) to test ride the bike. He said the bike is okay except those
Shinko tires. I have put up the on-board video of my Sepang ride in my
website (under My Gallery - My Videos section)


Posted 09 October 2006 - 08:39 AM


    Tokyo Drifter

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"...130km/h is the max I ride around KL/Klang

giler laju nyer!! ha! ha!

comparatively, a Ninja 250 can smoke the Blade just like that. Tried and
tested. Picks up faster, turns faster and has higher speed too.

I have yet to full throttle my blade...kesian kat dia. Now..how do I go
about peeling off the silver plated Naza logo on my exhaust so that it
shows Hyosung instead?


Posted 09 October 2006 - 03:05 PM



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Unpro, tak payah Ninja 250 ler. Semalam kat Sepang track, habis aku kena
sayur ngan RXZ, KIPS, NSR dan kapchai (tapi bikin punya larrrr). Yg paling
dekat pon ada satu 1 mamat ni pakai stock NSR 150. Takat pecut boleh potong
dia awal awal, but after awhile, when he goes in his 6th gear, sayur gak
aku sekali lagi.

You watch my Sepang onboard video and see how easy they all sayurkan Blade
aku ni. Walhal aku dah full throttle dah tu.

Video 1:

Video 2:


Posted 09 October 2006 - 04:35 PM


    Tokyo Drifter

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hhhmmm.....kapchai pun leh overtake blade...Crying Cam aku pi keje pagi2 je
aku tgk video tu...Big Smile

looks like u got to turn tighter and faster...tapi kan...ko tak takut ke
lingkup enjin ko nanti tu? Tongue


Posted 09 October 2006 - 04:41 PM



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adilz.. nanti ekzos kau dah siap sms je sama aku.. aku nak tgk jugak..
kalau berkenan aku angkut terus...