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Modenas Elegan experience

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Posted 14 June 2004 - 01:34 PM



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Good to hear that you're benefiting from this website and getting useful
info before making a purchase.

As for the colour, it's a personal choice-lah. Anyway my views:

More outstanding and catches attention
When dusty/dirty, it's more noticeable ... so more cleaning and polishing.
If you do park under the sun, colour fading is more recognisable

Common colour esp many cars are also silver.
More accesories to match since colour is neutral.
Even when it's dirty, you won't notice it so easy.




Posted 16 June 2004 - 08:50 AM


    Taxi Driver

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hello guys... i am a new an proud owner of elegan... i got my elegan last
week.. use it to commute from prai to bayan lepas.. very stable on the
bridge and quite responsive for big but 150 cc bike.. overall I am very
satisfy with the bike. can't wait for the run in period to be over I wanna
push the bike a bit... has any of you guys go thru the first service.... I
am expecting mine next week... what do they change and check? can you guys
I also notice my brake fluid is at 1/4.. is this normal?


Posted 16 June 2004 - 09:30 AM


    Road Warrior

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Hi daf,

i believe a couple of ppl already mentioned about the 1/4 level with the
brake fluid - i guess it should be ok : )

Well, since you're commuting quite a distance per day - I would believe
you're going to get your first service soon!

hey, much is the bike in Penang?

Is Modenas still giving the discount?



Posted 16 June 2004 - 09:36 AM


    Taxi Driver

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Guys, I am very excited with the elegan,thinking of getting it myself,
I got a few question.

What is the top speed any of you have achieved?
What's the cost of normal maintenance? What parts?
What's the full tank(RM) & how many can it go(KM)?
How much is the price for one of this on the road?


Posted 16 June 2004 - 10:11 AM


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lance...i think there are still disc for the bike.. i got mine with
comprehensive all rider insurance for rm 6500.. different bike shop give
different price I went to 5 shop before buying.

khorlin... for full tank I can go 200km(approx rm 8)


Posted 18 June 2004 - 12:52 AM



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Top speed achieved 130km/h I think, can go another 5 km/h but ran out of
road. Good speed is between 110-120 km/h cruise. Best 90-110km/h very
Normal maintenance - Oil/gear oil (Special scooter oil semi/syntetek and
special gear oil 110ml for Alegan) change about Rm25/- at authorised
Modenas workshop in Shah Alam. I asked for the price of the belt Rm67.00.
Upah if not free service Rm8/-. To change oil every 2500 km, about 2
months riding average, OKlah.
Full tank so far max reached 7.8litres. RM10.70 or Rm11.90 on type of
Range 200-210 kms.
I bought it at rm 6,250.00. In March2004. Now I think market forces are
at play some guys will quote 6696, maybe 6500.

The brake oils were full, when I got my bike, but the front level was a
bit stiff, I had it tuned during the last service. The manual says, any
DOT3 or DOT4 oil.The one the resevoir looks like a DOT3, red colour.
Dunno which brand.
Once again, if these guys in the forum say OK, how about President of One
and Only Elegan, riders club, then we can squeeze Modenas to give us
discounted service and what not, maybe get them to organise a road safety
To all Elegan owners out there, check your tyre pressure, If it is out,
disturbs handling balance. Cannot lipat, the backside wants to slide
away. Maybe need to change to more grippy, rear.

Find the FUN in riding, then the responsibility to have FUN comes.



Posted 18 June 2004 - 10:00 AM



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Good to read your feedback and report - all the Elegan brothers
say "Hoorray"!

Agree with you on the 90-110km speed, Elegan purrss like a gentle cruiser
on the highway. I did a test ride from Bandar Utama NKVE to KL into
Kerinchi - great ride! Even during uphill, the Elegan could maintain on
80km-90km fairly consistently.

I've filled my petrol twice - both times I spilled petrol. Tired several
other ways from the angle, small top up ... all but failed. So if any of
you ahve mastered the technique to fill petrol without spill, please
share your kung-fu with us!

Do check the tyre pressure - front is 220psi and back 180 psi if I
remember correctly! I noticed that my back tyre looses slight grip during
corners at a regular riding spot I tested. My previous RG Suzuki Sports
tyre grip were much better even at higher cornering speed.

Dot 3 and Dot 4 - is there a difference in their colour?

Has anyone thought of the usual kapchai basket-in-front, is there a pouch
we can hang/attach in front for Elegan .... it will be practical.




Posted 18 June 2004 - 04:53 PM



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Tyre pressure 220 & 180 PSI??? gila ka.... I think confused with the
pressure unit. I think they were 220 & 180 kPa

220 kPa = 32 Psi
180 kPa = 26 Psi

220 Psi = 1.5 MPa kebabom...

Try this calculator


Posted 19 June 2004 - 11:48 AM



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Does it work? Mine its only blinking without producing any sound. How
about you guys......


Posted 19 June 2004 - 11:57 PM


    Taxi Driver

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hi there....
wah alot of people already interested at elegan... welcome to the club..

Petrol filling,
i also have the same problem every time filling up at petrol station.
always spill out at 'wet' the dashboard. be careful my dashboard already
become white due to the petrol. Try to fix it with dashboard polish and
its seem to be gone. so dont forget to polish your bike 'dashboard'. as
for the technique of filling, just dont press the petrol handle 100 %. i
would suggest 50 % as long as there is a petrol flow out. my routine is
filling up RM8.00 as soon as the meter guage show only one bar of petrol.

as for now, i'm statisfy with my elegan performance. easy cruise... for
those who are not sure which color to choose, hemmm.. actually its
personal but for me i choose red because its more visible. Safety