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Modenas Elegan experience

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Posted 17 April 2004 - 01:29 AM



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200 km oil change is just my folly. I want to complete the running in
period quickly. Moreover I got the running in tips from here. Visit
http://www.mototuneu..._in_secrets.htm for more info.

For the light cover, just go to the service centre and get it. Even if
you have not reached the mandatory 500kms for the 1st service.
Pick up - it comes as the bike starts moving. It will leave all the cubs
and bigger bikes at the traffic lights if you know how to play the
trottle. Slowly and you will come to know.
One piece of 2 cent advice. Try to service at the Modenas service centre
if you want to keep it running well. Why? This Elegan needs 110mm SAE140
transmission oil, only modenas has them at the moment. At other places
they might use ordinary engine oil in it's place.
Elit needs 100mm only.
Maintenance - I think following the manual will keep your bike running
for many years. Big Smile


Posted 19 April 2004 - 12:21 AM


    Taxi Driver

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The Research Continues,

wokay, this is my third time filling up my elegan, the result is;

Milage cloacked : 302.7km
Petrol price : RM8.78
Petrol volume : 5.85 liters
Petrol brand : Shell V-Power

Calculation for current fuel consumption:
Actual milage = 302.7km - 161.5km (previous reading) = 141.2km
KM per 1 Ringgit = 141.2KM / RM8.78 = 16.08 KM per RM
KM per liter = 141.2KM/5.85liters = 24.14 KM per Liter

Compared from previous data;
Milage = 161.5km
KM per 1 Ringgit = 18.77 KM per RM
KM per liter = 28 KM per Liter (calculated by deoughtred)

Elegan fuel consumption base on average;
KM per 1 ringgit = (18.77+16.08)/2 = 17.43 KM per RM
KM per liter = (28+24.14)/2= 26.07 KM per Liter

so, guys... what do you think ... is this bike consider as an extreme fuel
drinker or what...? but hey, i enjoy the pickup exspecially at traffic

Our study on this elegan will continue...

i.'Riding in safety, Riding in Style'
ii.'Safety first, Destination second'


Posted 21 April 2004 - 12:25 PM



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i refuel my elegan every 2 days and every time i will check the
consumption. the everage i got is around 26~28 km/liter. im using shell
97. so considering my weight 90kg plus the scooter weight, the average on
highway speed 120km/h and traffic jam, i think it is acceptable. compare
using car that will consume around 10~15 km/liter, its far better. dont
compare with cub and other small scooter. this elegan is in its own class.
so guys. the choice is yours.


Posted 21 April 2004 - 06:28 PM


    Road Warrior

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I see you work in the city.
Hey, what kind of locks do you use on your Elegan? Disc brake locks? Do
you always bring an extra helmet under the chair - is that practical?
Regret that I did not take pictures of the "ruang" under the seat. At
least I would have been able to measure the kind of notebook that will fit
there! :)


Posted 22 April 2004 - 01:05 AM


    Taxi Driver

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Elegan Diary!

Today first service 500km.
Spark Plug, NGK = RM12.00
Engine Oil, Dont know the brand... :) = RM22.00
So total RM 34.00, Service location at Petaling Utama, Jln Klang Lama.
The mechanic told me that elegan does not require oil filter... wah! any
comment on this, wat is the pro and cons of not having the oil filter!

So, guys is this price okay?

About the elegan compartment, i think it only fit for one semi-full-face
helmet and one 'topi german' at one time. As for notebook, i would say...
not recommended due to high vibration and heat at the compartment area.

Hemmm.. Guys, one thing that really annoying with elegan is during filling
up at petrol station, if u press the petrol filler handle 100% the petrol
always spill out. Waste another RM0.50 of V-power everytime....


Posted 23 April 2004 - 10:14 AM


    Hot Rod

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Looks like Wingmaker also use this method for break in.

For the speed you are reading through your meter is ain't correct and much
more ridiculous value. Go strap a set of Bicycle speedometer and set the
setting correctly, try and run it then you will know the speed you read on
your speedometer really dissapoint you.

Scooter drink more fuel is true, if like this then buy sports bike-loh,
low profile and save more fuel.


Posted 24 April 2004 - 12:26 AM



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Yes davistan, Thanks to you guys, I believe in Out of the box thinking
like Motor man, so I go. Actually the top speed does not matter so much.
The stability, stopping power, and mid range pick up will work wonders in
town. Anyway here is something to share... make your own conclusion.

I use 2 disk locks, bought at Sentul. tried to find the fancy U lock but
it is out of stock. I think the U lock will not fit into the front wheel
there isn't much room. Laptops in the storage comp. Oh NO NO. The comp
sits right ontop of the engine.

Mechanic. I managed to squeeze 28.91 km/l the last time. Now have changed
to Esso will report if this fuel is good. Have a bottle of extra X1R,
will try that on and see. The mechanic have sold you a big con. The guy
does not know the Elegan. No oil filter, how lah. Syang Yang motorcyle in
Taiwan used to make Honda bike engines(OEM) for Honda since 1962, so
their engineers I believe have assimilated the Honda culture quite a bit.
Read page 45 & 46 of the owners manual and see for yourself.
Also http://www.sym.com.t.../milestone.html

Last Thursday, some idiot on a cup chai knock on to my bike it fell on
the road, and now carries battle scars, pretty annoying. Do u guys know
how to treat scratches?. The incident happen while I was at work, the
bike is parked on the pavement beside my office, another new comel park
behind me, this mat despatch knocked the comel and the comel crashed onto
my bike. No parts broken but just minor scratches, the comel different
story, the front fender and lights gone.


Posted 26 April 2004 - 12:16 PM



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thanks for the notes. I visited the website and had a good read about
the Joyride 180cc since Modenas Elegan sepcs is similar to this model
(except than Elegan is 150cc).

For the benefit of our fellow biking community, here's the article from




In case you’re wondering, SYM have been making thousands of scooters
every week for the last 40 years or so, based in Taiwan, since Honda
helped set-up the company back in the 1960s. Now SYM design and
manufacture their own bikes and the Joyride 180 is a rival to successful
UK scooter models, like the Gilera Runner 180.

Like the Gilera, it uses a four stroke, 180cc, single cylinder engine,
making a claimed 14.5bhp, which is enough to propel the Joyride to about
70mph flat out. Ridden for a few laps around Darley Moor race circuit, it
felt a little bit slower than the Gilera, both in its acceleration and
top speed, but the performance differences are pretty marginal.

Unlike the Gilera Runner, the Joyride is very much a mini-tourer, or
commuter type of bike, rather than the semi-sports style of machine. You
sit well back on the SYM, feet pushed forwards against the footwell mats,
back comfortably wedged against the step in the saddle. It’s a nice place
to be.

There’s excellent weather protection from the fairing in front of you,
with a fairly high screen too. The SYM is well equipped, with a car type
dashboard, including a fuel gauge, clock and the Joyride has audible turn
signals. For pillion passengers there’s a backrest, plus optional top
box. It feels like a bit of thought has gone into designing a functional
tool that gets on with the job.

Naturally, there are no gears, just the usual automatic transmission,
which pulls nice and smoothly. The bike has soft suspension too, which
adds to the general feeling of luxury. I tried the Joyride 180 straight
after riding the Malaguti Madison 400 and the SYM very nearly matches the
bigger scooter for overall comfort and ride quality.

The Joyride’s handling was OK, up to a point, when tackling Darley’s
famous hairpin, but soon began squirming about when the brakes were
slammed on, as well as grounding out its stand quite easily. But most
commuters won’t be riding the SYM this hard, and taking life easier is
what this scoot is all about.

It has just enough power to keep you carving through traffic, even if
your daily commute takes in some bits of urban dual carriageway. The
Joyride also has enough luggage space to cart your waterproofs around,
plus your Spam sandwiches. Adding the top box gives you the option of
roaming two-up, possibly even touring.

For just under £2500 on the road, the Joyride offers almost everything
you would get from a class-leading scooter like the Suzuki Burgman 250,
or Yamaha Majesty 250, but at about £1000-£1500 less. It’s only weak
areas are the handling and the styling, which is still a little bit
bland, a bit Far Eastern, even in its very `Euro’ silver paintwork.

For the price then, the SYM Joyride offers a load of fun, practical
touches, and plenty of rider comfort. As a biker, I think I’d rather pay
extra to have the sporty handling of something like the Aprilia Leonardo
250, or Benelli Velvet 250 – which can both hit 80mph on a good day and
corner very well. But if all you need is a workhorse, with enough poke to
make life interesting at the weekends, then the SYM Joyride is more than
good enough.



Posted 26 April 2004 - 06:50 PM


    White Lightning

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>Last Thursday, some idiot on a cup chai knock on to my bike it fell on
>the road, and now carries battle scars, pretty annoying. Do u guys know
>how to treat scratches?

Expensive option : Respray

Mid-price option : Polish it out or use touch-up paint

Cheap-ass option : Cover it up with stickers


Posted 27 April 2004 - 12:33 AM


    Tokyo Drifter

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> Cheap-ass option : Cover it up with stickers

ZZ, you're d' man...ThumbUp