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Modenas Elegan experience

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Posted 15 April 2004 - 10:56 PM



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Thanks to all of you forum contributors, I have learned alot from your
experiences. Please allow me to share my experience on the Modenas Elegan.
I got the bike on 03April04.

First riding Impression : Big, smooth and nimble and feels like driving a
Running in period : 200 km. Change engine/transmission oil.
The bike is really fast for a scooter. Manage to hit 130 km/h on the
highway. It is more suited to 110-120 km/h cruising. Very impressed with
it's running acceleration 80-120kmh comes up very quickly. Good to
overtake 3 cars at 1 go.
The radiator is quite efficient : The heat meter stays at 1 bar for
normal riding, on hot days it climbs to 2 bars, 3 bars at the traffic
lights, will notice the radiator fan kicking in and warm air coming from
the front side vents.
This bike loves smoothly paved roads, otherwise the road undulations are
quickly transferred to you. Is this due to the small diameter wheels? I
wonder, scooter guys out there, please share your experience. The bike is
well made. No rattles or harsh suspension travel is felt, smooth,
cosseting travel.
Braking : Good, but I am not used to not having engine braking, so I am
learning. Used to ride Suzuki Panther for the last 15 years.
Handling : Surprisingly nimble, can cilok very easily. Travelled to KKB
via Ulu Yam, takes to corners very well, but I wasn't going to scrap the
stands, not used to scooters yet.
Grouse : Fuel consumption. 7.3 litres will get u 204 kms. 27.95km/l. I
think, this figure is quite high for a 4 stoker. Checked with the service
centre, they have serviced my carburator, will see. The brochure says
43km/l - way out.
Big Smile


Posted 15 April 2004 - 11:28 PM


    Taxi Driver

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Got my elegan 9th April.

Fuel consumption - Not very economical i guess. When i first got my bike,
i fill it up full with Shell V-Power. Travelling approximately 161.5km
and the fuel meter indicate empty tank. So i fill it up full again with
Shell V-Power and it drinks RM8.61. So mathematically it cost
So i think it is not very economical as it is cost average of 18.77km for
RM1. Is there something wrong with my elegan or its normal ...?

As for handling... i would say OK!. Still in process of learning how to
handle bikes with no foot pedal brake, Small wheel radius and the worst is
during cornering... Always 'makan jalan'... But during emergency brake,
both disc brake works very well. A++ for the braking system.

My speeding record is only 100km/hr. Coz not yet confident to go for 100%
throttle. The time will come.. as for now... 'SAFETY FIRST'


Posted 16 April 2004 - 04:34 AM


    Fast & Furious

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Wah... looks like your Elegant consumed more petrol than 'wingmaker'. I
think its still in the early stage or brake in period. Maybe later will be
ok. Pls continue to share experience.Cool


Posted 16 April 2004 - 08:41 AM



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are you sure or not of the fuel consumption?!
sounds unrealistic..

I think it's around what's mentioned in the manual..
or around mechanic's consumption..

well.. i only own an elit so i don't deserve to talk about elegan here..
anyway, my elit consume around 41 to 42km/liter of fuel (petronas)
maybe you use other brands of fuel.. projet ke, shell ke or you use some
fuel savings substance?!!
Kalau betul the fuel consumption like what you said, best laaaa...
I want to switch to elegan too!!!



Posted 16 April 2004 - 08:42 AM


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wow! thanx for sharing guys! really appreciate it.


Posted 16 April 2004 - 11:17 AM



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wingmaker and mechanics..

Aisey man..
I'm confused lah early in the morning..
Now, I'm clearer..
Elegan consumes much more petrol than ELIT, huh?
In mechanic's case.. v-power=RM1.50/l (betul ke?)
So, mathematically...
RM8.61/RM1.50 = 5.74litres
161.5km/5.74 litres = 28km/l

very expensive like this you know..
Maybe because of it's size?!!



Posted 16 April 2004 - 11:23 AM


    Road Warrior

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150cc Elegan is 30kg heavier than Elite 150cc

But I would appreciate the steadiness/heaviness of the Elegan while
passing a truck/lori/bus


Posted 16 April 2004 - 11:45 AM



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I got my on 10/04. So far so good, but I feel the handle is a bit too
vibrating when static. Is it normal that the Elegan has no pickup when
starting moving? I notice the coolent tank is half tank full. And one more,
there should be a diamond shape cape that fit on the light bulb of the head
lamp, do you all have one? My is missing %&^@#)@().

Do you need to change engine/transmission oil for just 200KM mailage? Mind
to share some thought about maintening this Elegtan.


Posted 16 April 2004 - 05:54 PM



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It was a valueble and helpful report - thanks! It will definitely help
all the others is assessing this new scooter!

I also had about 5-10 mins test ride on the Elegan when it was 1st
launched last month. I was surprisingly pleased with the stable handling
and tight corner Elegan can perform. It my opinion it fairs better than
the Suzuki VR 125!

You clocked 130km ..... that's the max speed specified! Take it easy on
the bike ok!




Posted 17 April 2004 - 01:15 AM



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V power is high octane fuel guess it burns faster. I am only using Shell
During cornering, here is a tip. Let go of the trottle a bit in mid
corner, it will cut in neatly, something like an understeer in a front
wheel car, once you take off the gas pedal the car will nip into to
corner, something like that.
But to be safe go slow on the corners. Enjoy the ride.
This bike uses a 26mm Keihin CVK carburator, compared with 23mm of Elit,
so I guess it will drink and be merry on the road.
May be some of our friends here can provide some solutions to this. I
think Modenas has used the carburator meant for Sym joyride 180 cc onto
this bike to make it more powerful.
Hope this helps.