Hubject And Gentari Partner To Expand EV Charging Network Across Southeast Asia

Hubject And Gentari Partner To Expand EV Charging Network Across Southeast Asia

L-R: Aliah Nasreen, Chief Customer Officer, Gentari Green Mobility; Shah Yang Razalli, Deputy CEO of Gentari and CEO of Gentari Green Mobility; Christian Hahn, Chief Executive Officer, Hubject; Aaron Ram Sarma, Head of Digital Ecosystem, Gentari Green Mobility; Senthil Balan, Chief Venture Officer, Gentari Green Mobility.

Hubject, a leader in EV interoperability, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Gentari Green Mobility Sdn Bhd, to integrate Gentari’s network of electric vehicle (EV) chargers with Hubject’s eRoaming platform. Hubject, founded in 2012 and headquartered in Berlin, delivers end-to-end eMobility solutions to power a positive, greener environmental future. Gentari Green Mobility is a wholly-owned subsidiary of clean energy provider Gentari Sdn Bhd.

Gentari Go_App_Map_MalaysiaThis partnership will enable EV drivers to seamlessly charge their vehicles at an expanded network of charging points throughout the region. This collaboration is a significant milestone towards the long-term goal of enhancing the accessibility and reliability of EV charging infrastructure in Malaysia and across Southeast Asia. The integration will be further advanced once Gentari’s charging points are certified for Hubject’s Plug&Charge via the Gentari Go app.

This feature will allow EV drivers to charge their vehicles simply by plugging in, thus eliminating the need for a mobile app or RFID card. Gentari is currently also in discussions with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to enable Plug&Charge capabilities for their vehicles to enhance the seamless charging experience.

“We are delighted to partner with Gentari,” said Hubject CEO, Christian Hahn. “Based on Gentari’s strength in the renewable energy sector, the adoption of EVs will be further supported as renewable energies and electric vehicles are providing the highest level of value, like the collaboration between Gentari and Hubject. This will help to establish Gentari as a new EV mobility champion in Southeast Asia. It’s exactly this kind of collaboration that will scale up the switch to sustainable mobility.”

Gentari is committed to accelerating the shift to sustainable transportation by building an extensive network of EV charging stations, addressing range anxiety, and promoting fast, accessible charging. By integrating renewable energy and leveraging Hubject’s expertise in simplifying EV charging, Gentari is seeking to ensure convenience and encourage more drivers across Southeast Asia to switch from fossil fuel cars to electric mobility.

“We are committed to advancing the transition to sustainable transportation by empowering greater range confidence and ensuring safety, reliability, convenience and value for customers. In line with our vision to become Asia Pacific’s leading green mobility solutions partner, for individuals as well as businesses, this partnership with Hubject will be a key booster towards the seamless integration of EVs into daily transportation options,” said Shah Yang Razalli, Deputy CEO of Gentari and CEO of Gentari Green Mobility.EV_Charging Port

Currently, Gentari operates the largest direct current (DC) charging network in Malaysia, with over 120 DC charging points among more than 400 charging points nationwide. Through its clean energy platform, Gentari Go, the company enables access to over 2,400 chargers across Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand via an EV roaming network. This collaboration with Hubject, which aims to achieve one million networked charge points globally by 2024, is part of Gentari’s strategic objective to streamline the EV charging experience in Southeast Asia using Hubject’s connectivity technology.


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