Hino Malaysia Hosts First-Ever Road Safety Seminar, Emphasizing Safety And Smart Driving

Hino Malaysia Hosts First-Ever Road Safety Seminar, Emphasizing Safety And Smart Driving

Hino Malaysia hosted its first-ever road safety seminar recently at the Hino Total Support Customer Centre (HTSCC) in Sendayan that attracted 102 participants, including drivers and Hino customers. Hino Malaysia_Safety Begins With Smart Driving_Seminar_Participants

Under the theme of “Safety Begins with Smart Driving,” this inaugural seminar featured speakers from various organisations such as Sungai Buloh Hospital, PLUS Malaysia Berhad, PUSPAKOM, Seremban 2 Branch Fire and Rescue Station, the Ministry of Health (MOH), and the Malaysian Institute of Road Safety Research (MIROS). These experts shared their insights and experiences on various aspects of road safety, highlighting the critical need for improved safety measures and stricter enforcement. Fire Safety_Bomba

Key discussions included:

  1. Road Safety Statistics: A review of 2023 statistics revealed a troubling increase in accidents involving commercial vehicles, with over 6,000 incidents reported compared to 5,400 in 2022. Fatalities also rose from 700 in 2022 to 800 in 2023. Hino_Sendayan_Road Safety_Seminar
  2. Periodic Maintenance and Inspections: PUSPAKOM speaker Mr. Mahmood Razak Bahman stressed the importance of regular vehicle maintenance to prevent accidents. “Whether for short or long trips, regular maintenance is crucial for ensuring vehicle safety, preventing breakdowns, and reducing the risk of accidents. For example, tire inspections and alignments, as well as brake maintenance, are vital because we often see tire blowouts from lorries and buses, leading to crashes with other vehicles. This can cause sudden traffic congestion or, worse, accidents involving injuries or even deaths,” he said.
  3. Health Monitoring for Drivers: MOH speaker Dr. S. Murumugam Subramaniam highlighted the importance of health monitoring for drivers to prevent incidents like microsleep. He recommended adequate rest, regular breaks, keeping hydrated, and proper management of chronic health conditions e.g. such as hypertension or diabetes to ensure they are fit to drive.
  4. Fire Safety Measures: Ahmad Khomeini bin Kamarudzaman from the Seremban 2 Branch Fire and Rescue Station emphasised the necessity of equipping commercial vehicles with fire extinguishers to handle emergencies effectively. “I would like to remind everyone here that every commercial vehicle must be equipped with at least one fire extinguisher. We must be prepared for every potential hazard in the future. For example, a driver may face a situation where the engine catches fire due to overheating or a fuel leak. Having a fire extinguisher on hand can prevent the fire from spreading, potentially saving lives and reducing property damage.”

In addition to these presentations, the seminar also included a discussion session on related topics. This interactive session allowed for a deeper understanding of the challenges and solutions in road safety. Hino Malaysia_Safety Seminar_Participants

Hino Managing Director, Hiroshi Takahashi, expressed his gratitude to the speakers for their invaluable contribution and to all participants for their active involvement. Hino is deeply committed to road safety, with the Hino Total Support Customer Centre (HTSCC) established to provide training on product and driving safety. Hino_Truck_Driver_Track

A video of the KYT (Kiken Yochi Training) & Human Reaction Driver Training module was shown to the participants to highlight the training at HTSCC. HTSCC provides a range of training modules to equip drivers with skills and knowledge for safe driving in various road situations. These modules include theory and practical exercises, focusing on decision-making to prevent accidents. Additionally, all HTSCC training is HRDC claimable.

While Hino and other truck/bus brands have no direct control of conditions which could lead to accidents, they are still concerned with the wide ranging impact to the local economy and do as much as they can to have all relevant parties form and implement effective solutions.

For more information about HTSCC, visit www.hino.com.my or contact 06-781 2975.


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