Chery Auto Malaysia Starts Precautionary Recall Of Selected Omoda 5 Vehicles

Chery Auto Malaysia Starts Precautionary Recall Of Selected Omoda 5 Vehicles

Chery Auto Malaysia has followed up on the case of the Omoda 5 rear axle incident and has started a precautionary recall. Attached below is the company’s official statement:

Chery Auto Malaysia is striving to keep customers informed about the recent incident involving the axle of an OMODA 5 vehicle. Following a detailed internal investigation, the automaker has recalled a batch of 600 OMODA 5 vehicles and is working closely with the Ministry of Transport (MOT) to ensure the rectification of all affected vehicles to the highest standards of safety.

“Chery Auto Malaysia is committed to providing safe and reliable transportation solutions, and we are dedicated to ensuring that all our vehicles meet the highest safety standards. In line with this commitment, Chery Auto Malaysia voluntarily arranged a meeting to brief the Ministry of Transport (MOT) on the current product inspection status and the root cause involving the OMODA 5 axle incident,” Chery Auto Malaysia Vice President, Lee Wen Hsiang, explained.

The automaker conducted a thorough investigation into the isolated case and reached out to the parts vendor for further clarification. “Following a comprehensive investigation, the vendor reported that the issue was due to a facility upgrade during which a worn-out tip of the automated welding machine was replaced by a new welding tip. The replacement of the new welding tip resulted in a miscalibration of the equipment,” said Lee. Chery_Omoda 5_Rear Axle_Recall

As a direct result, the automaker says that there are a total of 60 units of OMODA 5 vehicles with the affected parts in Malaysia, produced on 15 August 2023. Chery Auto Malaysia has since taken additional precautionary measures by casting a wider net by implementing a special service campaign to call in and inspect OMODA 5 vehicles with rear axles produced between 14 to 17 August 2023, totalling 600 units.

Lee said, “Chery Auto Malaysia views this matter most seriously as customer safety is our utmost priority. We are in the process of reaching out to customers of the affected Vehicle Identification Numbers (VIN) to request them to bring their vehicle to our authorised service centres for a detailed inspection.”

“We have also set up a website for OMODA 5 users to confirm their vehicles are not affected which can be done by simply keying in their Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) Our authorised service centres and technicians are well prepared to serve our customers potentially affected by this,” Lee concluded.

Chery Auto Malaysia has confirmed that no other vehicles by the brand are affected.

Owners of OMODA 5 can check if their vehicles are affected by keying in their VIN number at

As of 3 May 2024, Chery Auto Malaysia has contacted more than 53% (32/60) of the affected owners.

To ensure Chery customers are well informed, a weekly update will be publicly shared to provide ongoing information about the status of the recall programme.

Chery Auto Malaysia thanks all our customers for their patience, understanding and cooperation, and the Ministry of Transport for its advice and guidance in this matter.

For queries kindly contact the Chery Malaysia Customer Careline at +603 – 2771 7070 (Monday to Friday, 8:30am to 5:30pm). Chery Showroom


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