Gentari Go App: Integrated Gateway To Clean Energy And Sustainable Living

Gentari Go App: Integrated Gateway To Clean Energy And Sustainable Living

L-R: Mohamad Haikal Zubir,Chief Operating Officer, Gentari Green Mobility; Shah Yang Razalli, Deputy CEO of Gentari & CEO of Gentari Green Mobility; Aliah Nasreen Abdullah, Chief Customer Officer, Gentari Green Mobility; Aaron Ram Sarma, Head of Digital Ecosystem, Gentari Green Mobility.

Clean energy solutions provider Gentari Sdn Bhd, via its subsidiary Gentari Green Mobility Sdn Bhd, has introduced Gentari Go, a comprehensive customer experience platform aimed at integrating sustainable lifestyles through Gentari’s clean energy ecosystem. The mobile app has been launched in Malaysia, and is set for a regional rollout in Southeast Asia as well as India within the year.

Gentari Go aims to be the go-to platform for individuals and businesses embarking on their clean energy journey. “Our aim is to become the platform of choice for every consumer starting their clean energy journey,” said Shah Yang Razalli, CEO of Gentari Green Mobility. “We’re pioneering the seamless integration of clean energy, extending beyond EV charging to home energy solutions.” Gentari Go App_Shah Yang Razalli_CEO

Anchored by Gentari’s green mobility as its foundation, Gentari Go offers a seamless EV charging experience tailored for drivers in Asia. With a user-friendly interface and convenient features like the charging curve which provides real-time insights into energy consumption, Gentari Go simplifies the EV charging process. The platform also facilitates cross-border charging through partnerships with charging point operators in Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand, allowing the app users access to over 2,000 chargers across these countries. Some of the partners are CDG Engie, City Energy Go and EVolt. Gentari_EV Charger

For consumers who don’t own an EV but want to experience one, the platform offers the option to rent an EV through its partnership with GoCar, thus helping consumers make the critical leap from Internal Combustion Engine (ICE) vehicles to Electric Vehicles (EV).

More than just an app to facilitate EV charging, Gentari Go also incorporates Gentari’s renewable energy pillar, offering home energy solutions such as solar power and EV home charging facilitating the flow of renewable energy from Roof to Wall to Wheel. To encourage the adoption of using clean energy, Gentari Go incentivises consumers through loyalty points and incentives. Gentari Go_Home Energy Solutions

Reaching beyond individual consumers, Gentari Go also aims to empower businesses with a green energy ecosystem, especially fleet operators, charging point operators, and automotive companies. Fleet operators can benefit from the expanded charging network and telematics support to optimise fleet operations, while charging point operators can enhance their appeal to EV drivers by joining Gentari Go’s roaming network. Furthermore, premises owners who are interested to offer EV charging services can leverage Gentari Go’s CPO-in-a-Box Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution, which comes ready with an app, universal QR, white label app products and CP management guidance.Gentari_EV_Electric Mobility

Gentari Go_App_Map_MalaysiaAdditionally, Gentari Go can support automotive corporations and OEMs with micro services, enabling them to provide customised offerings such as auto-charge and in-car solutions.

The Gentari Go app is available via the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in Malaysia.

In conjunction with the launch, you can enjoy a 10% discount on your next 10 charging transactions at all Gentari charging points across Malaysia (terms and conditions apply).

For more information on Gentari Go, please visit or contact the customer support team (+6017-6235153).


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