Castrol Malaysia Creates Road Safety Awareness Among Young Motorcyclists

Castrol Malaysia Creates Road Safety Awareness Among Young Motorcyclists

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Castrol Malaysia initiated the “Castrol Back to School” programme aimed at emphasising road safety awareness among young motorcyclists. This initiative is part of Castrol’s commitment to protecting lives on the road and promoting safety and protection.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 in 3 deaths on the road in Southeast Asia involves motorcyclists. Between 2010 and 2019, the Malaysia Road Fatalities Index recorded 59% of fatalities involving motorcyclists. This further signals the need for more robust road safety initiatives starting with education and empowerment. Castrol Back To School Programme_Road Safety_MotoWazi

In partnership with MotoWazi and with the support of the Ministry of Education, the “Castrol Back to School” programme is designed to reach high school students aged 16 and 17 who recently obtained their motorcycle license. “Castrol Back to School” programme is more than just an educational campaign. It represents Castrol’s commitment to safety. The programme includes both theoretical and practical road safety sessions conducted within school premises during regular school hours.

Through the “Castrol Back to School” programme, Castrol aims to instil a culture of safety amongst young motorcyclists, emphasising that protection starts with making the right choices, including the choice of Castrol lubricants for their motorcycles. “We wish to equip young riders with the knowledge and skills they need to stay safe on the road,” said Keow Mei-shan, Marketing Director of Castrol Malaysia and Singapore. Castrol_Back To School Programme_Safety_Motorcycles

Motorcycle safety instructor and road safety expert, Wazi Bin Abdul Hamid, will provide the theoretical sessions in this programme, ensuring that students receive valuable insights into road safety practices and regulations. Team MotoWazi is encouraged by this partnership and the potential influence on young riders. “We are excited to collaborate with Castrol on this initiative. Our aim is to empower young motorcyclists with the knowledge and awareness they need to protect themselves and others on the road,” said Wazi Bin Abdul Hamid.

In the first phase, the “Castrol Back to School” programme will be rolled out to 10 schools in the Klang Valley (from September to October 2023). Castrol plans to expand this reach to 50 schools nationwide in 2024, with the goal of creating a safer road environment for all Malaysians. Castrol_Back To School_Road Safety Session_MotoWazi



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