Ford And Sime Darby Extend Support To Orang Asli Communities During Global...

Ford And Sime Darby Extend Support To Orang Asli Communities During Global Caring Month

Ford Motor Company and its sole distributor in Malaysia, Sime Darby Auto Connexion, celebrated the annual Global Caring Month by extending support to Orang Asli communities.

The annual Global Caring Month is one of Ford’s CSR (corporate social responsibility) efforts. It is established by Ford Volunteer Corps, a group of global networks of thousands of Ford employees and retirees gathered under the management of Ford Motor Company Fund –  the philanthropic arm of Ford Motor Company. The 2023 Global Caring Month in September marks the 18th year of commitment to make a concentrated worldwide impact in strengthening communities and to help make people’s lives better around the world.

This year, Ford Motor Company Fund awarded a total of US$20,000 (RM94,000) in grants to 2 non-profit organisations in Malaysia i.e. Global Peace Foundation Malaysia and Peninsula Malaysia Orang Asli Foundation, to support projects focused on rebuilding houses and restoration of school facilities.

“Caring for each other is an important value we hold dear at Ford. With our annual Global Caring Month, we bring to life our commitment to social responsibility by extending care to the communities where we operate. We thank Sime Darby Auto Connexion for being a partner in making a difference and positive impact to individuals and families in Malaysia,” said D.J. Simpson, managing director, Ford Asia Pacific Distributor Markets.

Ford_Sime Darby Auto Connexion_CSR_Turse Zuhair“We are proud to be Ford’s partner not just in delivering world-class vehicles, but also in implementing programs that give back to the community. Our SDAC Ford employees are grateful to be given the opportunity to come together every year to join Ford’s Global Caring Month to volunteer and participate in meaningful community initiatives,” added Turse Zuhair, managing director, Sime Darby Auto Connexion.

A portion of the US$10,000 grant was awarded to Global Peace Festival Malaysia, a non-religious, non-partisan, and non-profit organisation to help refurbish houses and boost food supply for 17 families. Global Peace Festival Malaysia will also facilitate cooking sessions for communities to aid them in their food preparation.

With a mission to build resilient and cohesive Orang Asli communities, Global Peace Festival Malaysia has worked with various underserved communities in both Peninsular and East Malaysia over the last 10 years. Their programmes are designed to address the real needs of each community, ranging from basic needs to access to education, livelihood, and economic empowerment.

Peninsula Malaysia Orang Asli Association, another non-profit organisation in Malaysia, is also one of the recipients of the grant, and will use the funding to restore and upgrade school facilities such as classrooms, libraries, computer labs and other essential amenities, in the rural areas, particularly in the Slim River district in Perak.

Founded by Orang Asli community members, Peninsula Malaysia Orang Asli Association team have joined forces to improve the communities in many ways including flood assistance, healthcare, food supplies, and native gatherings.


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