UMW Toyota Motor Plants Trees To Offset Emissions

UMW Toyota Motor Plants Trees To Offset Emissions

UMW Toyota Motor (UMWT) took part in a tree planting programme to offset its emissions of carbon dioxide as part of its sustainability measure. The tree planting programme was hosted by the Malaysian Nature Society at Tanjung Tuan, Melaka, in conjunction with the Raptor Watch 2023 event.

This eco initiative aligns with the commitment of Toyota Motor Corporation to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050. This goal not only applies to its products but also every aspect of its business operations globally. One approach being taken is to offset emissions of CO2, which is acknowledged to contribute to global warming and severely impacts life and economies through natural disruptions. UMW Green Shoots Initiative_Tree Planting_Mangrove_Malaysia

“UMW Toyota Motor is proud to be helping to rehabilitate and preserve the environment through the UMW Green Shoots Initiative. As a good corporate citizen, we can provide resources to support efforts in addressing climate change and achieving carbon neutrality,” said Datuk Ravindran K. President of UMW Toyota Motor.

The UMW Green Shoots Initiative (UGS Initiative) is one way to offset CO2 emissions in Malaysia. It supports the National 100 Million Trees Planting Campaign and also matches the 3 objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (UNSDG).

UMW Toyota Motor_Tree Planting_MangroveThe Raptor Watch 2023 at Tanjung Tuan in Melaka is an annual event where the public can observe the departure of migratory birds, known as raptors, from their breeding grounds in Malaysia to the northern hemisphere. As the event also aims to create awareness and ensure the continued conservation of the Tanjung Tuan Forest Reserve, it is an ideal complement for the UMW Green Shoots Initiative. The planting of mangrove saplings will assist the rehabilitation of the mangrove swamp ecosystem in Tanjung Tuan, which was destroyed as a result of an oil spill in 2020.

Up to 6,100 trees were planted by 250 volunteers consisting of UMWT staff volunteers, students and teachers from University Putra Malaysia, Serdang (UPM) and Politeknik Port Dickson, Taylor’s University as well as members of the public.

According to Mr Ravindran, UMWT will continue to develop its strategy for electrified vehicles to further promote sustainable mobility. “We have been assembling Hybrid Electric Vehicles in Malaysia since 2022 and will announce further plans on the electrification of the Toyota product range,” added Mr Ravindran.

For more information, visit or call the Toyota freephone line 1- 800-8-TOYOTA (869682).


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