Maxim Malaysia’s Official Statement On E-Hailing Vehicle Permits

Maxim Malaysia’s Official Statement On E-Hailing Vehicle Permits

Last week, JPJ found issue with Maxim Malaysia regarding the validity of E-hailing Vehicle Permits (EVP) of Maxim’s Partner-Drivers. We attached herewith the official statement from Maxim Malaysia ad verbum regarding this issue.

“An official statement was released by Ibu Pejabat Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan (JPJ) on facebook (10 March 2023) against the Maxim mobile application. The statement corroborated that based on an investigation by JPJ conducted on 7 March 2023 in Kuantan, Pahang at the Headquarter (HQ) of Maxim Malaysia It was found that Maxim Malaysia allows Partner-Drivers to operate e-haling without valid EVP. During the investigation at our Kuantan office, the employees of Maxim Malaysia gave their full cooperation to the officers of JPJ providing all the supporting documents, valid e-hailing licenses from APAD, driver’s list and advertising materials used for marketing campaigns.

In accordance with Pengangkutan Awam Darat (APAD) 2010 and regulations of APAD’s e-hailing guidelines, every EHOs’ are required to provide EVPs to the Partner-Drivers in order to ensure safety of the public. As an international company, Maxim Malaysia always ensures that safety of passengers and our Driver-Partners during an e-hailing ride is the utmost priority. As such, Maxim Malaysia always advises the Partner-Drivers to maintain e-hailing insurance, their vehicle registration period is not over 10 years old, and provide complete documents in order for Maxim Malaysia to obtain EVPs for the Partner-Drivers.

In the official statement, it was said currently there are only 402 Partner-drivers with valid EVPs. In fact the number is not accurate and the total number of EVPs in Peninsular Malaysia obtained from APAD is higher than it is stated in the report. Moreover, if we add the total number of EVPs from Sabah and Sarawak, the number of valid EVPs from Maxim is higher. Maxim E-hailing Malaysia also registered under APAD, LPKP Sabah and Sarawak to operate as legal company.

At the moment, we have over a thousand drivers with complete documents ready to obtain EVPs from Maxim Malaysia. This for sure shows the intention that Maxim Malaysia is obedient towards the existing e-hailings laws provided by the Ministry of Transport. Moreover, Maxim Malaysia at all times have fully cooperated with all the government agencies whenever they have requested cooperation and have called in to their office. Such cooperation from Maxim Malaysia clearly shows that Maxim Malaysia is ever willing to strengthen its ties with all the government agencies.

Maxim Malaysia at all times informs, and reminds our Partner- Drivers about the importance of EVPs. For the welfare of our Partner-Drivers, Maxim Malaysia reimburses the cost of PSV for our Partner-Drivers so that our Partner-Drivers are not financially burdened in order to bear the cost of PSV. Maxim Malaysia thinks this is a great opportunity to support our Partner-Drivers financially so that it encourages the hardworking Partner-Drivers to remain financially stable and support their own families.

Maxim Malaysia would like to draw attention to the fact that the whole e-hailing industry has been severely financially impacted due to COVID-19 pandemic. The driving schools were also closed which caused huge congestion for PSV courses and Partner-Drivers had to wait for a long period of time to obtain PSVs.

Maxim Malaysia always opens the opportunities for everyone to cooperate with us, and most of our Partner-Drivers are in a group of B40. As we all know B40s require continuous financial support to keep surviving along with their dependents. The whole process of obtaining EVP is not easy and requires complete documentation of our Partner-Drivers, and to complete such documentation our Partner-Drivers are required to spend independently. In order for our Partner-Drivers to spend less, Maxim Malaysia introduced low commission and many more exciting benefits for our Partner-Drivers.” Maxim Malaysia_E-Hailing_Ride Hailing


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