Continental Tyre Malaysia Launches ComfortContact CC7 Tyre

Continental Tyre Malaysia Launches ComfortContact CC7 Tyre

Continental Tyre Malaysia has rolled out another tyre from its latest Generation 7 range, after launching the UltraContact UC7 in August 2022. The latest product, the ComfortContact CC7, is a comfort-biased tyre to make car journeys enjoyable for the drivers and passengers.

The new ComfortContact CC7 tyre uses upgraded with Comfort+ Technology which promises a smoother drive experience and a quiet ride. “Through our understanding of the market, we know that a key criterion for drivers in Asia-Pacific is comfort, as compared to their Western and European counterparts. As a result, Continental has established a reputation for across our Asia-dedicated line of products for tyres that are quieter and more comfortable. The ComfortContact CC7 represents our flagship product in the comfort segment,” said Dalibor Kalina, Head of Replacement Tyres Asia Pacific.Continental ComfortContact CC7 Tyre

To bring the ComfortContact CC7 to market, Continental formed a global team of over 30 engineers & experts who spent more than 7,500 hours designing, simulating, building and testing prototypes. They carried out over 500 tests under various road and laboratory conditions, covering a distance enough to circle the Earth more than 7 times.

According to Continental’s research, tyres can be responsible for about 50% of the noise produced when driving. Bob Liu, Head of R&D Asia Pacific at Continental commented, “When traveling at higher speeds especially, tyre to road noise and turbulence increase and become much more noticeable. Tyre noise is also becoming increasingly important factor for electric vehicles whose drive systems are barely audible. For both conventional ICE and electric vehicles, this means selecting the right comfort tyre is a crucial decision that can greatly improve in-cabin acoustics”.

The engineering of the ComfortContact CC7 tyre is based on the principle of “Driving Comfort, Redefined by Technology”. Specially for its comfort tyre segment, the Comfort+ Technology is engineered for drivers who prioritise ride comfort. Comfort+ Technology encompasses the ComfortContact CC7’s 3 key features i.e. “Z.E.N.” which stands for Zero Shock Pattern, Everflex Compound, and Noise Muter.

Continental ComfortContact CC7_Zero Shock Pattern_TyreThe Zero Shock Pattern features a unique tread pattern design which reduces shock from traditional blocks. It is designed to significantly reduce harshness even on bumpy and uneven road surfaces, thus providing more superior rolling comfort.

Meanwhile, the Noise Muter comprises 2 noise-reducing technologies that effectively reduce noise for better sound comfort. First, the Noise Breaker 3.0 breaks up sound waves into smaller ones and prevents the waves from building up and traveling into the car cabin. Second, the Helmholtz Resonators (named after the German physicist who discovered the Helmholtz Resonance theory) are noise-absorbing chambers on the tyre’s pattern surface which draw in air waves and absorb noise frequencies before they can exit.Continental ComfortContact CC7_Noise Muter_Noise Breaker 3.0_Helmholtz Resonator

Besides focusing on the comfort aspects, Continental’s engineers also built in a long lifespan to the ComfortContact CC7 tyre to withstand daily wear and tear. Whether it’s for short daily commutes or long distance road trips, the ComfortContact CC7’s Everflex Compound is a resilient all-season compound that makes the tyre suitable for use across a wider range of temperatures and seasons.

Continental ComfortContact CC7_TyreCompared to its predecessor i.e. the ComfortContact CC6, the new ComfortContact CC7 has enhanced safety on the road though significant improvements in handling and braking without sacrificing on comfort and low noise levels.

“Given the distinct requirements of different customer bases as well as the demand of innovative technology, we dig deep to understand the needs of drivers in Malaysia and create product to fulfil these requirements,” stated Andrea Somorova, Managing Director of Continental Tyre Malaysia.

The Continental ComfortContact CC7 is available for wheel sizes from 13″ to 16″ to cater to a wide range of vehicles. This tyre is suitable for mini-compact, compact, mid-size and MPVs.

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