You Can Now Use The Maxim App In Thailand For E-Hailing Services

You Can Now Use The Maxim App In Thailand For E-Hailing Services

Malaysians can now use the Maxim application for e-hailing services in Thailand. Maxim started operations in Thailand in 2022, beginning with Chiang Mai. It has expanded its services to other main cities such as Hat Yai, Khon Kaen, Phuket, Udon Thani, and Pattaya (as well as its surrounding areas in Chonburi Province), with more expansion in the works.

Roundabout_Traffic_Pattaya_ThailandWith Thailand being one of the favoured destinations by Malaysians, this e-hailing service offers a convenient transport alternative to visiting Malaysians. The app provides users with a way to move around the city by enabling you to conveniently book e-hailing rides (cars, vans or motorbikes, depending on location) and order delivery services. The cost of the ride is fixed once the booking is confirmed in the application and will not change.

There is also a choice of choosing female drivers (currently available in Chiang Mai and Hat Yai) to give women and/or children better peace of mind. More than that, Maxim’s e-hailing app also offers you the option to rent cars at reasonable rates.

The Maxim application is user-friendly, allowing you to use English or Malay to place your ride order in Thailand. You can key in the address in English, and the map will have romanised street and location names at the bottom of the screen. As such, you can confidently hail a ride without worrying about language.

For Malaysians to use the Maxim app in Thailand, you will need to do the following:

  1. Download Maxim for new users at Apple App Store, Google Play Store, Huawei App Gallery and Galaxy Store
  2. Click on “Menu” and then on “Settings”
  3. Click on “Region” and change to “Thailand” (from “Malaysia”, on the top right corner) and choose your city
  4. Enter your pick-up and drop-off points
  5. Complete the order by clicking on “ORDER”

As an aside, Maxim also offers other services here, including parcel and food delivery.


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