UMW Toyota Motor Ends 2022 Leading The Non-National Brand Segment

UMW Toyota Motor Ends 2022 Leading The Non-National Brand Segment

UMW Toyota Motor had a relatively good year in 2022, ending it on a positive note. In the past 12 months, it had delivered 101,035 vehicles made up of 100,042 from Toyota and 993 from Lexus. This sales total puts it as the leading non-national brand in Malaysia.

Last year’s sales tally was a 40% increase over 2021’s total of 72,394 vehicles (Toyota and Lexus) sold, despite issues faced with the supply chain which affected production and delivery.Lexus NX_Front

One of the key contributors to the strong sales in 2022 is the Corolla Cross. UMW Toyota Motor managed to move 17,208 units of this C-Segment SUV. In the Pickup segment, UMWT had the ever reliable Hilux as the dominant segment leader with 27,198 trucks sold. Meanwhile, the Hiace and Fortuner led the One Ton Van (390 units) and Light Duty Wagon (3,432 units) segments respectively.Toyota Hilux Rogue_Off-road

“We are delighted to have been able to put smiles and deliver happiness to so many of our customers across the nation, and thank each and every one of them for their support,” said UMW Toyota Motor President, Ravindran K.

“I also wish to express our appreciation to all our staff, dealers and business partners who overcame a challenging year. Together, we will continue to keep our customers happy and ensure that quality and service will always remain at the highest levels,” he added.

On the aftersales front, the company’s Customer Service Operations surpassed 1.25 million vehicles, proving that its Extra Mile initiative to deliver the best sales and aftersales service in town had been well accepted by the market.

In early 2022, UMWT launched the Corolla Cross Hybrid, the first Toyota Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) to be assembled in Malaysia at its state-of-the-art facility in Selangor. This model is part of the brand’s multipath approach to carbon neutrality. With HEVs, reduction in carbon dioxide emissions can start right away.Toyota Corolla Cross Hybrid_Front

“We will continue to evaluate different options and introduce them as appropriate. For now, we believe HEVs are the most suitable for Malaysians and will add a second HEV model in 2023,” said Ravindran K. So we can expect the all-new Innova Hybrid to make its way here.Toyota Innova Zenix

UMW Toyota Motor is also taking a longer-term view and has been evaluating battery-electric vehicles (BEVs). Toyota and Lexus BEV models are already available and are being considered for introduction in Malaysia soon as the journey to zero emissions continues. “Rest assured that with our multipath approach, no customer will be left behind as we will always ensure that there is a suitable and accessible mobility solution for everyone,” he added.

UMWT is also planning to introduce a new Agency Retail Model in 2023 as a customer-centric measure to deliver maximum satisfaction. Toyota and Lexus customers will enjoy a hassle and worry-free vehicle purchasing experience in the new year as UMWT plans to implement a new sales process through premier agents that provides absolute trust and confidence through fair and transparent pricing. This is in line with its ‘Move Your World’ strategy to improve customer experience.Toyota_Move Your World

“We understand the many frustrations and pain-points of purchasing a new vehicle and have re-designed a sales process that is driven to be more customer centric. Our customers will no longer have to haggle or shop around for the ‘best price’. The vehicle purchase process will become easy and more welcoming”, said Ravindran K.

The agency retail model will be made available at selected agent dealerships for Lexus and certain Toyota models beginning 2023.

As it goes the ‘Extra Mile’, everyone is assured of an ownership experience that is second to none with greater mobility offered through various services available. To facilitate optimal customer interactions online, the Toyota Malaysia website has been upgraded with new user-friendly features and a modern interface, enhanced by data-driven personalisation. From the time a customer makes an enquiry online or at the showroom of an authorised dealership, every process in the interaction is focused on meeting the customer’s needs precisely.

Further, Toyota Financial Packages offer vehicle financing choices to fit a range of needs and lifestyles, including low rates for lower carbon vehicles, 100% Islamic loans and even a car subscription plan. There is also the Toyota Insurance Package that covers vehicles of all ages as well as Toyota Service Savers with money-saving holistic maintenance plans. Furthermore, customers will also be rewarded for their expenses through the Toyota Loyal-T programme, enabling them to earn points for purchases, servicing or repairs, and even for vehicle insurance renewals.

“Our customers drive how we develop new ways of doing business. We recognise that our customers are continuously evolving and because of this, our business will evolve as well to deliver happiness and mobility for all,” said Ravindran K.

UMWT will also continue to maintain driving fun and supporting the local motorsports scene, with its long-running activities undertaken by GAZOO Racing Malaysia. The events will not only give owners a chance to enjoy racing but motorsports involvement also enables Toyota to make ever-better cars and deliver fun-to-drive experiences.GR Yaris_Front Spoiler_Toyota

The GAZOO Racing brand has already been recognised for its sporty and high-performance products over a broad spectrum of models from the Vios GR-S to the Supra. We can expect more exciting GR models to arrive. The exclusive GR Garages will also have new offerings of parts and merchandise.

For more information, visit or call the Toyota freephone line 1-800-8-TOYOTA (869682)


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