The Bestselling Items In Shopee Auto Mall

The Bestselling Items In Shopee Auto Mall

In the last few years especially, e-commerce platforms have been a blessing for many of us. More than just allowing us to browse or purchase from wherever we are, it allows us to access sellers in geographical locations that were previously not feasible to visit in person. This had also opened up opportunities to sellers who now have access to a potentially larger pool of customers.

According to Shopee, the number of Malaysian rural and community businesses participating as Shopee Marketplace sellers had increased 7.5-fold (from January 2020 until March 2022). Shopee is an online platform for Sea Limited, which is listed in the New York Stock Exchange, and is the leading e-commerce platform in Southeast Asia & Taiwan. Besides Shopee, its other brands are Garena (digital entertainment) and SeaMoney (digital financial services).

On the automotive side of e-commerce, Shopee Malaysia had compiled a list of top selling items in the Shopee Auto Mall, which is its one-stop centre for auto products and deals introduced late last year. In the first 4 months of 2022 (January – April), the bestsellers in the Auto Mall are:

  1. Car Tissue Box Holder : Recorded sales of this had increased by over 3 times in April 2022 compared to when Auto Mall was introduced in November 2021. Over 79,000 holders have been sold in the past 4 months, hopefully a sign that Malaysians are a neat lot (provided nothing goes out the window).Car Tissue Box Holder_Shopee Auto Mall
  2. Engine Oil : More than 69,000 were sold in the same period likely due to more people out driving again after a hiatus. According to Shopee, motorcycle riders and car drivers have been turning to Shopee for their engine protection needs, especially as there is a wide variety of engine oil brands and types available on offer.
  3. Batteries : The Shopee Auto Mall saw over 26,000 automotive batteries sold in the first 4 months of the year. The risk of getting into a flat battery situation can be lowered by using premium, long lasting batteries.
  4. Motorcycle Tyres : Over 19,000 motorcycle tyres were bought in the Auto Mall from January – April this year. Bulky items such as tyres have usually been bought at tyre shops. But it looks like this trend is changing due to the convenience and possibly, the affordable logistics costs.
  5. Motorcycles : Another bulky item that saw sales increase by more than double in April 2022 compared to November 2021. Over 900 units of motorcycles were bought from the Auto Mall during the survey period. Popular brands on Shopee include Yamaha, Modenas, Honda and Vespa. Shoppers have the option of buying motorcycles in cash or by paying the booking fee, and then paying the rest of the amount via a loan.

Amaron_BatterySpeaking on how the Auto Mall had help their business, BateriHub stated, “Previously, we were more focused on offline retail outlets before the COVID-19 outbreak. When we started out on Shopee in late 2020, we had achieved over RM1 million sales in 1 year. Recently, after joining Auto Mall, our exposure improved greatly. The number of visitors to our store has increased by 25% in a month. Being in Auto Mall, we get to feature our products to more specific groups of potential buyers that share a similar interest in automotive goods.”

Yamaha_MotorcycleFor Guan Hoe Penang, which operates the Yamaha Official Store on Shopee, it was able to diversify its business channels through the platform. “In the first year, we were able to hit above the RM500,000 mark, selling motorcycles, motor oils, spare parts and riding gear. Since the start of 2022, we joined Auto Mall, which helped boost our monthly sales by 30%. On top of assisting us in achieving higher store traffic, Auto Mall also enables us to have a dedicated site to showcase our best deals,” said a spokesperson.

In Auto Mall, on top of products from trusted car and motorcycle brands, and exclusive deals and vouchers, Shopee users can also find various resourceful information such as tips on tyre care, the latest fuel prices and blog articles on automotive topics.

You can access the Shopee Auto Mall via this link: 2022-06-24 at 13-54-09 Shopee AutoMall Online Shop Shopee Malaysia



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