MAN Truck & Bus Launches Euro 5 Heavy Duty Trucks In Malaysia

MAN Truck & Bus Launches Euro 5 Heavy Duty Trucks In Malaysia

MAN Truck & Bus (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd has launched its new generation heavy duty truck range that comes with Euro 5 compliant engines as standard. This makes MAN Malaysia the first manufacturer to do so, as part of its objective to help reduce carbon footprint in the heavy vehicles sector. Malaysia had signalled its intention to attain carbon neutral status by 2050. And Euro 5 standards is just one way of contributing to that. Euro 5 engines use low sulphur diesel and has reduced NOx (nitrogen oxide) emissions, with the aid of the AdBlue exhaust treatment fluid.

According to MAN Malaysia, the New MAN Truck Generation range sets new standards in not just its environmental impact, but in driver comfort, assistance systems, and digital connectivity. There are 5 variants of the MAN TGS heavy duty truck available for 3 main applications:

  1. 4×2 and 6×2 for haulage / container
  2. 6×4 for construction / heavy duty
  3. 4×2 and 6×2 with ADR (Agreement Concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road) for petrochemicals and other dangerous goods

MAN Truck_AdBlue_Petronas AireBlueThe TGS has 2 engine options available. The 4×2 and 6×2 variants for haulage and dangerous goods transport are powered by the MAN D20, a proven 10.5L inline-6 Euro 5 engine. On the other hand, the heavy duty 6×4 variant uses an equally efficient 12.4L D26 engine. Both engines are future-proofed with Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) and can use B20 biodiesel.

Paired with the engine is a smooth and quiet 12-speed MAN TipMatic automated manual transmission. This intelligent gearbox comes with advanced software and selectable driving programmes for different applications.

MAN TGS_TrucksNamed International Truck of the Year 2021, and awarded 2 2021 iF Design awards, and recently “Sustainable” Truck of the Year 2022, the new MAN Trucks also promise customers toughness, durability, and reliability.

The Euro 5 engines which come standard are developed for efficiency, improving fuel economy as well as reducing harmful emissions. The driveline efficiency is aided by improved aerodynamics of the new vehicle body design. Furthermore, comprehensive improvements to components as well as in maintenance and service help to reduce the overall cost of ownership, thus ensuring better profitability.

The new trucks also set a new level of reliability; product quality is confirmed by independent TÜV reports. Its electronics architecture has been simplified but future-proofed to extend and expand its functionalities and service life.

To aid owners maximise uptime, the cloud-based MAN Telematics helps reduce operating inefficiencies and running costs. MAN Malaysia is currently offering a free 2-year subscription with every purchase of a New MAN Truck Generation.

To benefit the driver, MAN had taken extensive feedback from truck drivers to develop and enhance the cabin. The New MAN Truck Generation cab now features optimal ergonomics, more intuitive operation and improved user-friendliness.

The MAN TGS for Malaysia features class-leading innovations such as the MAN EasyControl and SmartSelect. The former are a set of 4 buttons placed on the bottom of the driver’s door card. This allows the driver to easily control certain functions such as hazard lights, engine shut off and window closing when he / she is outside the cab. 2 of the 4 buttons are conveniently customisable.

Meanwhile, MAN SmartSelect is a 2-tier infotainment system that comes with a foldable wrist rest for more precise control if there are any vibrations in the cabin while on the move. Furthermore, the steering wheel has been redesigned to be smaller for improved ergonomics. The steering wheel can be adjusted from 20° to an almost car-like 55° angle, to suit different drivers’ preference. When parked, the steering wheel column can be shifted to an upright position for easy ingress and egress, or for more space during rest periods.

Driving ergonomics is further optimised with an instrument panel angled towards the driver, and a display set further front for better visibility.

Additionally, besides the standard airbag and Electronic Stability Programme, the new MAN TGS is available with extra driver assistance systems such as Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, and Advanced Emergency Brake Assist.

MAN Truck & Bus (Malaysia)_Andrew O'Brooks_Managing Director“The New MAN Truck Generation is the most ambitious project by MAN Truck & Bus in 20 years. It is the answer that our customers expect us to provide in the face of increasingly diverse and complex challenges confronting the transportation industry all over the world, including here in Malaysia,” said Andrew O’Brooks, Managing Director of MAN Malaysia.

MAN Malaysia is committed to ensuring its customers are adequately supported by its aftersales network, and has plans to enhance it within the next few years to optimise customers’ uptime. It has also introduced a new consultation and offer system in conjunction with the new truck launch to assist customers in customising a transport solution according to their needs.

Prices for the new MAN TGS start from RM340,000 (for standard specifications, excluding SST). For more information, visit



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