Scania Ipoh Celebrates Its First 10th Anniversary

Scania Ipoh Celebrates Its First 10th Anniversary

Scania is celebrating its Ipoh outlet’s first 10 years (F10Y) of existence in building sustainable partnerships with its customers to help them achieve profitability while helping the environment. In honour of the people behind the outlet’s success, a small celebration was held for all at the Scania Malaysia Sales and Services Centre, Ipoh (SMYIPH). A long-service “First 10 Years” award was given to staff who were there from its first year. There was a commemorative F10Y insignia and a cake too.

Recipients of the long service award.
Recipients of the long service award.

“SMYIPH’s success since 2011 has been attributed to building sustainable partnerships as part of Scania Malaysia’s wide network of sales & services branches,” said Heba El Tarifi, Managing Director of Scania Southeast Asia.

L-R: Aiman, Heba, Nyooklin and Thor celebrate Scania Ipoh's F10Y.
L-R: Aiman, Heba, Nyooklin and Thor celebrate Scania Ipoh’s F10Y.

Customers in the state of Perak and along the North South highway have benefitted and continue to benefit from the presence of the Ipoh outlet. SMYIPH serves Scania customers to ensure regular maintenance is done so that breakdowns can be avoided. This helps with increasing uptime for their trucks, buses or coaches, and results in better revenue generation. Furthermore, the Scania Assistance 24/7 roadside assistance continues to provide peace-of-mind for its customers.

Scania_Technicians_Edit“SMYIPH technicians lead the way in ensuring our customers get the best uptime,” said Thor Brenden, Services Director of Scania Southeast Asia. “In 2018, SMYIPH technicians won the Top Team practical challenge in Malaysia. In 2020, SMYIPH again won first place in the Top Team theory challenge for Malaysia. This is a testament of their consistent strength in maintenance and repair of our customers’ vehicles.”

“I cannot be prouder of my team in SMYIPH. They have been driving real change for our customers’ business, operations and, also for the environment for the past 10 years. They did it through working together as a team, both amongst colleagues and with our customers in true partnership,” commented Wan Noaimadudin, Workshop Manager for SMYIPH.

“The next 10 years and beyond will be an exciting time for SMYIPH, especially in aiming to reduce CO2 emissions in transportation and logistics in line with our commitment to Science Based Targets” said Wong NyookLin, Regional Manager – Region North, Scania Southeast Asia. “Our customer’s appreciation for our total solutions approach continues to grow. Renewable fuels and electrification, safer and smarter transport technologies continue to usher in a new era in transport and logistics. The team at SMYIPH looks forward to continue driving the shift towards a sustainable transport system by building more sustainable partnerships.”

Scania_Meter DisplayThe first Scania Ecolution partnership happened in 2019 and added the advantage of helping customers reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions. Coupled with Data-Driven Services leading the new era of transport and logistics, customers can then better manage their fleet through the Fleet Management System and Driver Training & Coaching. In 2021, Scania introduced the Instalment Plan Repair & Maintenance 7 to help customers achieve profitability immediately. And now, all new Scania trucks and buses purchased will come with a preset Economy Mode as default to help save even more fuel. This feature is also available for customers who purchased their vehicles before this year, by sending them to SMYIPH for activation.




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