Volvo Car Malaysia Offers Lifetime Parts Warranty

Volvo Car Malaysia Offers Lifetime Parts Warranty

The ‘Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty’ just introduced by Volvo Car Malaysia serve as its commitment to enhance its aftersales and customer experience. This warranty programme is aimed at providing Volvo customers better peace of mind throughout their vehicle ownership. So it is literally ‘Volvo For Life’ and in a good way, but with a caveat.

Volvo_Service ReceptionBeginning today (1 October 2021), all Volvo owners who purchase and install Volvo genuine parts at any Volvo authorised dealership will be eligible for this warranty programme. The warranty will commence on the part’s purchase date and will be valid as long as the vehicle remains in the ownership of the registered car owner. In the event that you require repair or replacement for any genuine Volvo part due to a material or manufacturing defect, Volvo Car Malaysia will repair and replace the part free of charge.

For customers with older Volvo car models who have not visited an authorised Volvo authorised dealership for more than 2 years, they will need to bring in their car to undergo the Volvo Health Check. This requirement is necessary to allow such customer to be eligible to participate in the warranty programme. It is also to ensure that the vehicle is in good condition and has not been modified or tempered with in any way. Customers will then be able to purchase parts under the warranty programme. One requirement for the warranty to remain valid is to send the car to any Volvo authorised dealership for subsequent servicing.

Volvo Car Malaysia_Charles Frum_Managing Director“This new offering is part of our commitment to provide the best after-sales services for our customers. Customer satisfaction have always been a pivotal aspect for Volvo, and through this warranty programme, our customers can now enjoy the benefits of decreased maintenance costs and experience the quality offered by Volvo, in the years to come,” said Charles Frump, Managing Director of Volvo Car Malaysia.

Earlier in February 2021, Volvo Car Malaysia had revised the extended warranty programme to a factory 5-year / unlimited mileage for all privately owned Volvo cars registered from 1 January 2021.

Do not that the Customer Lifetime Parts Warranty will exclude the regular wear and tear parts as outlined in the warranty manual.

You may contact any of the Volvo authorised dealers for further information on the full scope of parts covered.


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