New Scania Trucks And Coaches Will Default To Economy Mode To Save...

New Scania Trucks And Coaches Will Default To Economy Mode To Save You Money

In line with the Science Based Targets initiatives (SBTi), all new Scania trucks and coaches will run on Economy Mode as the pre-set default mode. This feature will be in all Scania trucks and coaches with Opticruise transmission and will help customers save money on fuel while reducing CO2 emissions.

13065-010The Economy Mode default is one of the many initiatives in line with Scania’s aim to achieve the targets of SBTi by 2025 i.e. reducing carbon footprint in Scania’s operations by 50%, and Scania’s customers vehicles by 20%. This is to mitigate the increase in temperature globally and is Scania’s commitment at the Paris Agreement 2015 i.e. limiting global warming to well below 2°C above pre-industrial levels and pursuing efforts to limit it to 1.5°C.

“Scania trucks and coaches will start with Economy Mode each time the vehicles are switched on regardless of the last mode they were switched off with. This ensures the best fuel-efficient drive at most times,” said Tom Kuiphuis, Business Support Director, Scania Southeast Asia. “Drivers can still switch from Economy Mode to other performance modes depending on the requirement of the driving conditions.”

20205-006Scania trucks used in Shipping Container application can achieve a best fuel consumption up to 4.0 km/litre, and the best CO2 emission reduction up to 0.82 kg/km. As for the Bulk Transport application, the best fuel consumption can be up to 3.6 km/litre while the best CO2 emission reduction can be up to 0.81 kg/km. Meanwhile, General Cargo application’s best fuel consumption can be up to 3.6 km/litre, and CO2 emission reduction can be up to 0.77 kg/km. Further, Tractor Tipper’s best fuel consumption can be up to 2.0 km/litre, and CO2 emission reduction can be up to 0.93 kg/km.

The Economy Mode, together with Scania total solutions like Instalment Plan R&M7 can help operators achieve these fuel economy and CO2 emission reductions consistently.

Scania Malaysia_Sales & Service_Senai_JohorScania customers who want to opt-out of the Economy Mode default setting can do so before delivery or even after taking delivery of their new Scania vehicles. Before delivery, you need to inform Scania’s sales representative, but after delivery, you can send it to any Scania workshop to have the setting changed to the default preference. Labour charges are applicable.

However, those who have purchased Scania trucks or coaches before 2021 can also set the Economy Mode as default on their vehicles at any authorised Scania workshop nationwide. Labour charges are applicable but this will be complimentary up to 31 December 2022 to encourage customers to send in their trucks or coaches and do their part for the environment, as well as to increase fuel economy.

Tom Khuipuis_Scania Southeast Asia“The pre-set Economy Mode default, in all Scania trucks and coaches with Opticruise, is all it takes to save more fuel, save the environment while delivering better profitability. And together with Scania’s maintenance and financial services, customers will achieve success in their operations while playing a part in SBTi,” added Tom. “I encourage our customers to opt-in and join us in this partnership towards a sustainable future for their business and for the planet.”


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