Peugeot Unveils New Brand Identity

Peugeot Unveils New Brand Identity

Peugeot, the world’s oldest surviving automotive brand, has unveiled a new brand identity with the launch of a new logo. This new logo is a coat of arms adorned with a lion’s head, and reaffirms its personality and character as well as represents a new page in its history.

PEUGEOT_NEW LOGO_BLACKCreated by the Peugeot Design Lab, the latest logo is the company’s 11th since 1850, all of which feature a lion. This is the first logo change since 2010 and signifies the brand’s intention to be more upmarket. Over the last 10 years, the entire product range had been moving upmarket. In the last few years, Peugeot had received awards forĀ  “International Van of the year” (Peugeot e-Expert in 2021 and Partner in 2019), and “Car Of The Year” on the road (PEUGEOT 308 in 2014, PEUGEOT 3008 in 2017 and PEUGEOT 208, 2020).

Peugeot is now part of the larger Stellantis group which is the new entity containing brands from Groupe PSA and Fiat Chrsyler Automobiles. This move upmarket and in value is now being perfected by work on the design of the brand itself. The reinvention of the coat of arms is meant to show a more timeless, elegant and recognisable identity. It is a modern interpretation of its logo used in the 1960s, the first time only the head of the lion was used.

This new coat of arms opens the way to a brand ecosystem that is not limited to just its visual identity. It carries within it a deeper change i.e. a shift in stance; a new state of mind; a new lifestyle. Peugeot’s objective is to offer its current and future customers a quality brand that meets their requirements.

With this new change, vehicles, dealerships, associated products, websites, communications, signages, and all points of contact with the brand will be updated to become a more coherent and cross-functional system.

PEUGEOT_DEALERSHIP_DESIGN CONCEPTFor the dealership, it will be a place for an even more human, even more visual and even more educational experience. The objective is to experience the acceleration of the energy transition in concrete terms, to discover new mobility options and new technologies. As for the website, it is now part of an “online dealership” experience, becoming “selling online native”, to complement the dealerships.

Simple, effective, intuitive, immersive, highly visual, dynamic and business-oriented, it offers a perfectly fluid sales experience. Its features allow you to do everything that you would normally do at the point of sale, but online: discovery, configuration, sale, contracts, financing, trade-in, etc.

Furthermore, because the Peugeot brand experience is not limited to the dealership or website, the brand is launching a new lifestyle collection featuring simple, attractive and quality clothing, leather goods, fashion accessories, electronic accessories, tableware, stationery, packaging, and miniatures, among others.

PEUGEOT_LIONSOF OUR TIMEPeugeot will also embark on an international branding campaign – The Lions Of Our Time, to increase engagement with its current and future customers. The brand campaign aims to empower people to own their most valuable asset i.e. their time. The brand aims at turning time into quality time, an enriching experience. As an innovative high-end generalist brand, Peugeot proposes an un-boring experience both online, onboard vehicles and in its dealerships.


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