Save On Pre-Owned Renault Captur Subscription Today

Save On Pre-Owned Renault Captur Subscription Today

TC Euro Cars is offering a special subscription rate for pre-owned Renault Captur units signed for a year. The regular monthly rate of RM1,299 for the one-year subscription is now reduced to only RM799 a month for the first six months. From the seventh month onward, it will return to RM1,299 a month. This promotion effectively offers you savings of RM500 a month for six months.

Renault Captur_CrossoverFurther, the Renault Pre-Owned Captur Subscription one-year plan is free from obligations. However, you can decide to buy your unit should you fall in love with it. Or you can continue to subscribe to a Renault Subscription Fixed or Switch Plan, or just end your Pre-Owned Captur subscription offer after one year once the subscription term expires and walk away.

The monthly subscription rates take into account the road tax, insurance, regular servicing and an annual mileage cap of 20,000 km. You can arrange to upgrade the mileage cap as an option. We had tested out the car subscription model and you can read about it here.

Additionally, there is a booking fee of RM200 when you via Renault Store on Shopee, which will be deducted from the first subscription month payment.

Renault_Shopee Shocking SaleFor further savings, TC Euro Cars (TCEC), the sole franchise holder for Renault vehicles in Malaysia is offering a 50% discount on the booking fee for 20 units through the Shopee Malaysia ‘Shocking Sale’. The sale will take place between 4:00 pm – 8:00 pm today (9 September 2020).

However, if you miss this ‘Shocking Sale’, you can still secure a unit via the Renault E-Store at There are limited units of the pre-owned Renault Captur vehicle available via the Renault E-Store and ‘Shocking Sale’ so it will be on a first come, first served basis.

All pre-owned Captur vehicles provided will not be more than two years old and will have passed thorough inspections to meet Renault quality and safety standards.

Renault Captur_Dashboard_Centre Console_Steering Wheel“We understand that many Malaysians have some reservations about buying or even trying out a continental car. This latest promotion aims to help lower the barrier to entry, with no obligations and at the same time, customers can experience a real-life test drive of the Captur for a whole year,” said Wong Hoe Mun, CEO, TC Euro Cars.

To sign-up for the Renault Pre-Owned Captur Subscription or for information about Renault in Malaysia, visit:


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