Bermaz Auto Group Introduces Contactless Service For Mazda Customers

Bermaz Auto Group Introduces Contactless Service For Mazda Customers

Bermaz Auto Group has resumed its aftersales service activities on 12 May 2020 (Tuesday) to serve Mazda customers. And in order to not waste the government’s effort to protect Malaysians from the COVID-19 pandemic, Bermaz will continue to exercise precautions to safeguard the health of Mazda customers and employees.

Mazda 6 2.2L SkyActiv-D Diesel Engine_MalaysiaAs the country tries to regain some form of normalcy, it is now up to organisations and individuals to take responsibility of our own health. The safety standards are enforced according to the Ministry of Health (MOH) guidelines and will include social distancing, regular disinfecting, personal protective equipment, etc.

With the Mazda Contactless Service where human contact is minimised, Bermaz provides customers with a choice of last-mile service – (1) Collect & Deliver Service or (2) Mobile Service.

  1. Collect & Deliver Service
    • Available at selected service centres via appointment. This service is available to Mazda owners within a radius of 10 km from their pickup location.
  2. Mobile Service
    • Mobile service at your doorstep via appointment. This mobile service was introduced in 2017.

Mazda service personnel will disinfect your vehicle before and after the servicing.

Extension Of 5 Years Warranty & 5 Years Free Service Maintenance.

Mazda Mobile Service Unit MalaysiaBermaz remains committed to ensuring Mazda owners experience flexibility during these challenging times, and have extended the Mazda Warranty and Free Service Maintenance to its customers affected by the Movement Control Order (MCO) period. The extension accorded will be equivalent to the same period of time as the MCO is being enforced.

Bermaz has also dedicated a page in the community section of in relation to the COVID-19 situation. The COVID-19 We Care page is specially curated for the benefit of Mazda customers, with car care tips during the MCO and information on precautionary health measures put in place. But more importantly, it is an avenue to provide Mazda owners with the latest updates.

Bermaz Auto_Dato Sri Ben Yeoh_Executive Chairman_MazdaFor more information about these programmes or the list of selected authorised service centres that are in operation, please visit or call 1-800-22-8080.

Bermaz is committed to ensuring flexibility in its customer service experience during these challenging times. According to Dato’ Sri Ben Yeoh, Executive Chairman of Bermaz Auto, the company will remain vigilant in complying with the guidelines set by the Ministry of Health (MOH) to maintain the health and safety of its customers, employees and the nation at large.


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