Bermaz Motor Launches Mazda Mobile Service Unit

Bermaz Motor Launches Mazda Mobile Service Unit

Bermaz Motor, the sole distributor of Mazda vehicles in Malaysia, has launched the Mazda Mobile Service Unit for the convenience of Mazda owners, by offering car servicing and maintenance at their doorstep.

Mazda Mobile Service Unit MalaysiaThe Mazda Mobile Service Unit’s services cover regular scheduled maintenance (for vehicles within the 3-year/60,000 km free maintenance period), inspection and replacement of battery, wiper blades, brake pads and fluid, and automatic transmission fluid.

The mobile unit is equipped with the Mazda Mobile Diagnostic System for vehicle assessment, a 2.5-ton aluminum quick-jack capable of lifting a CX-5 SUV or BT-50 pickup truck, a tool set and its own generator for power supply.

“With the increasing Mazda population on the road, we see a need in the after-sales service expansion programme, not only by increasing the number of workshop outlets but exploring ways of providing after-sales servicing to owners at the convenience and comfort of their own homes. The Mazda Mobile Service Unit will be backed by well-trained mechanics and technicians that have conformed to Mazda SOPs and are fully endorsed by Bermaz,” said Dato’ Sri Ben Yeoh, CEO of Bermaz Motor.

Bermaz has invested over RM 500,000 into the Mazda Mobile Service Unit to enhance its customer ownership satisfaction; the mobile unit is currently only available in Klang Valley and Penang regions.


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