Shell Outlines Cleanliness And Safety Precautions For Its Stations

Shell Outlines Cleanliness And Safety Precautions For Its Stations

Shell Malaysia_Service Station_Staff_Site Heroes_COVID-19You may be staying home because of the Movement Control Order, but people working in essential services are still driving around and will need to refuel. With this in mind, Shell Malaysia has set out steps and precautions to ensure that cleanliness at its stations are maintained for the safety of customers as well as station staff. Shell is also doing this to ensure the continuity of our site operations as any contamination will be shutting down the station which deprives people of fuel and food.

As such, Shell is taking stringent steps to ensure the disinfection of high-touch areas at its 950 stations nationwide. High-touch areas are all touchpoints at fueling areas, Shell Select stores and facilities areas that are often exposed or used by customers and staff. Every hour, site staff will disinfect these high-touch areas i.e. petrol pumps, fuel nozzles, PIN pads, dispenser air balancers, door handles, pay windows, cashier area, tissue dispensers, switches, taps and sinks.

Further, Shell has implemented a take-away or delivery only policy for its f&b section (Deli2go, Shell Select and 3rd Food Brand partners). Shell is also conducting hourly sanitization of all customers’ touchpoints including coffee machines touch screens, Deli2go countertops, pastry thongs and showcase handles.

Shell Malaysia_Station_Social Distancing MarkersSocial distancing markers have also been placed in the stores, pay window areas as guides. Social Distancing posters at the store entrance serve to remind customers to practice personal safety to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

The frequency of cleaning for Shell restrooms has also been increased to an hourly schedule with steps to ensure that water and soap are always available.

As Shell site staff are at risk of exposure, Shell tracks and monitors the health of all staff, including the checking of their temperatures before the start of every shift. Shell site staff are fully equipped with face mask, nitrile hand gloves and comply to the social distancing measure to ensure their health and safety is not compromised. The priority is for them to stay safe whilst operating and working at the stations.

“Safey and cleanliness of our stations is most important to us. With all the uncertainties brought about by the rapidly evolving situation around us, we want to give our customers a peace of mind when they are at Shell stations. We assure Malaysians that Shell is committed to creating a clean and safe environment for customers at our stations,” said Shell Malaysia Trading Sdn Bhd and Shell Timur Sdn Bhd Managing Director, Shairan Huzani Husain.

“We have approximately more than 10,000 site staff helping us ensure our stations continue to operate. These are our “site heroes” who are taking the extra added initiative to clean, disinfect, and continuously ensuring that we are able to power Malaysia and all the necessary transportation, ambulance, logistics and essential services that keep Malaysia going in this trying time. To them, I cannot express enough our heartfelt gratitude and we will do everything to keep them safe while on duty,” he added.

Shell urges all customers to remain vigilant and practice meticulous safety and cleanliness habits including frequent cleaning of hands with either hand sanitizers or soap. Shell also advises all customers to REMOVE all gloves or plastics to avoid static contact while refueling.


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