UD Trucks Delivers Heavy-Duty Quester To RISDA Fleet

UD Trucks Delivers Heavy-Duty Quester To RISDA Fleet

Renowned Japanese truck maker, UD Trucks, and its sole distributor partner in Malaysia, Tan Chong Industrial Equipment, recently delivered five units of the heavy-duty UD Quester truck to RISDA Fleet Sdn Bhd which is the fleet management arm of RISDA (Rubber Industry Smallholders Development Authority).

UD Trucks_Quester_Prime Mover_Tractor Unit_Tanker_RISDA_Tan Chong Industrial Equipment_TCIE_MalaysiaThree units of the UD Quester 6×4 prime mover with tanker and two units of UD Quester 6×4 prime mover with wooden cargo trailer were delivered by TCIE and UD to help RISDA Fleet support its growing logistical demands. The new trucks will be used for transporting fertilizer and crude palm oil across Malaysia.

RISDA is a federal agency under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and is entrusted to oversee the smallholder sector as an important production sector of the national economy. The agency’s is responsible for implementing development policies and programmes to ensure the growth and viability of the smallholder sector of the rubber industry as well as to improve the social and economic well-being of smallholders.

With the new trucks in, RISDA Fleet Sdn Bhd now owns nine units of UD Quester. According to RISDA Fleet, managing fuel cost and ensuring the safety of people and cargo are extremely important factors for it as a transportation service provider. The company said that based on its previous purchase of four UD Quester prime movers, it found the trucks to be very reliable, durable and fuel-efficient, with an excellent track record for truck uptime and lifespan.

As such, RISDA Fleet has been able to reduce the need for heavy maintenance, enabling for more efficient delivery of cargo. RISDA Fleet also added that its decision to purchase more UD Quester trucks were influenced by other factors like affordability and positive feedback from its drivers on the drivability and technological advancements of UD Quester, especially on its safety and fuel-coaching features.

UD Trucks_Quester_Prime Mover_RISDA_Tan Chong Industrial Equipment_Malaysia“We would like to thank RISDA Fleet Sdn Bhd for choosing UD Quester once again to support its expanding logistics needs. UD Quester is built to provide superior performance and fuel-efficiency to our customers and we are very glad that RISDA Fleet had been able to experience all its benefits. This new trucks handover also highlights our highly valued relationship with  RISDA Fleet and our continued commitment to deliver smart logistics,” said Jaclyn Loy, Chief Operating Officer of TCIE.

UD Trucks customers in Malaysia are supported by TCIE’s extensive network of 43 service centers and dealerships nationwide which provides the UD Extra Mile Support services comprising UD Genuine Service and Parts, UD Driver Training, UD Telematics Services and UD Trust Service Agreements.


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