Renault Megane R.S. 280 CUP Now Available In Malaysia

Renault Megane R.S. 280 CUP Now Available In Malaysia

All-New Renault MEGANE R.S.TC Euro Cars (TCEC) has re-introduced the Renault Megane R.S. in “280 CUP” trim to Malaysia. The Renault Sport form of the Megane hatchback is now available with either a six-speed automatic Efficient Dual Clutch (EDC) automatic transmission (AT) or a six-speed manual transmission (MT).

The front-wheel-drive hot hatch is priced at:

Renault Megane RS 280 Cup_Price_Malaysia_2019It is covered by a three-year or 100,000 km warranty (whichever comes first).

Four colour options are available i.e. Diamond Black, Pearl White (additional RM1,000) and the signature Liquid Yellow or Orange Tonic (additional RM8,000).

Renault MEGANE R.S. 280 CUP_1.8L Engine Performance_MalaysiaThe engine is a new 1.8L four-cylinder turbocharged unit tweaked by Renault Sport Cars and Renault Sport Racing. It bears a redesigned cylinder head, a new integrated cooling system, an additional twin air inlet to the turbocharger and a chain-driven timing system. The engine now delivers a maximum power of 280 PS and peak torque of 390 Nm – one of the best in class. 0-100 km/h sprint time is claimed to be 5.8 seconds while top speed is 255 km/h (250 km/h for the AT).

The six-speed EDC dual-clutch gearbox has been strengthened to withstand the torque and revs of a sports car engine. Based on the required take-off acceleration, in-gear acceleration and maximum speed, Renault Sport engineers defined new gear ratios and specific shift patterns, in alignment with the customisable MULTI-SENSE system designed to adapt to all driving styles.

The EDC gearbox comes with steering wheel-mounted gearshift paddles. The gearshift times depend on which MULTI-SENSE mode is selected:

  • Comfort and Normal: smooth gear changes, without any jerking;
  • Sport: quicker gear changes with amplified engine noise;
  • Race: efficiency with no compromise on comfort, with even quicker gear changes.

In Sport and Race modes, the EDC gearbox also has the following functions:

  • Multi-Change Down: under braking in manual mode, this feature lets the driver drop several gears simultaneously by pressing and holding down the left-hand paddle. The best gear is then selected to exit the corner as efficiently as possible.
  • Launch Control: the clutch and turbo are pre-loaded, enabling a standing start that is just as quick as in a racing car. In Sport mode, traction control provides the driver with additional support in finding the best possible grip in slippery conditions.

RENAULT MEGANE IV R.S. (BFB RS)For Malaysia, the Renault MEGANE R.S. is available with the CUP chassis, which incorporates a new Torsen mechanical and limited-slip differential for improved handling during acceleration as well as deceleration. Renault’s chassis and suspension system engineers have pushed the limits even further by introducing the 4CONTROL four-wheel steering system, a world’s first-in-segment technology that further improves cornering efficiency. The system automatically adjusts the rear wheels to point in the same direction as the front wheels up to one degree at higher speeds and in the opposite direction up to 2.7 degrees at lower speeds. This switchover point is set at 60 km/h or 100 km/h in Race mode.

2017 - Nouvelle Renault MEGANE R.S.A second brand new feature is the addition of four hydraulic compression stops, a rallying-inspired technology, to all shock absorbers. In addition to improving the comfort of the suspension in day-to-day driving, these hydraulic bump stops also filter out disruptions when adopting a sportier driving style, providing additional damping and eliminating the effects of rebound, which enables optimum control of tyre-ground contact.

In addition to new technologies, strong core components featured in previous generations have been retained and upgraded in this new Renault MEGANE R.S. five-door hot hatch.

Included in the MEGANE R.S. since 2004, the independent steering-axis front suspension epitomises Renault Sport’s expertise in chassis and suspension systems. Initially designed for use in motorsport, the independent steering-axis front suspension has been adapted to powerful front-wheel-drive cars, especially when they are also fitted with a limited-slip differential.

All-New Renault MEGANE R.S.The front axle of the All-new Renault MEGANE R.S. 280 CUP has been entirely redesigned to adapt the negative offset geometry to the width of the 19-inch wheels and increase rigidity. The braking system has also been improved, offering greater power, endurance and confidence to the driver. The diameter of the front brake discs has been increased to 355 mm (+15 mm bigger than the previous generation). Bi-material aluminium/cast iron discs help reduce the weight per wheel by 1.8 kg while improving cooling during intensive use. The brake pedal setting focuses on the accuracy of the pressure applied, enabling drivers to remain in complete control, especially on the racetrack.

The R.S. Monitor has also been completely revised, with a more user-friendly layout and more powerful features. This state-of-the-art onboard telemetry and data acquisition system gathers and summarises information from forty or so sensors throughout the car, enabling the real-time display of a wide range of settings on the 8.7″ R-LINK 2 touchscreen tablet. Through this system, drivers can reliably check driving data such as acceleration, braking, yaw, steering angle, operation of the 4CONTROL system, temperatures and pressures.

Physically, the side wings have been widened by 60 mm at the front and 45 mm at the back. Ride height has also been lowered by 5 mm and with new 19″ wheels to give the car a more aggressive posture. The car’s  powerful design has adapted a number of features from the world of motorsport:

  • A wide air intake in the front bumper that incorporates the F1-style front blade, a hallmark of Renault Sport styling that reflects the brand’s involvement in Formula 1. The blade’s Gun Metal Grey satin-finish colour contrasts with the brilliant shine of the bodywork
  • A 3D honeycomb-pattern grill mesh reinterpreted by Renault Sport
  • Sculpted, sensual body sides inherited from the design of Renault MEGANE are accentuated by the wider front and rear tracks
  • Wing-mounted air extractors, which optimise airflow through the wheel arches
  • A side sill establishes a link between the front and the rear, the black blade of which evokes the undertray of a Formula 1 car
  • A redesigned, narrower rear spoiler to improve aerodynamic performance. Whilst emphasising the width of the car, the vertical vents contribute to aerodynamic efficiency by providing improved lateral airflow
  • A rear bumper with a built-in diffuser and the iconic central exhaust that has come to epitomise MEGANE R.S. 280 CUP, enhanced by a decorative trim
  • Improved efficiency of the diffuser compared with the previous generation. Whilst boosting the sporty feel of the design, this aerodynamic component helps to increase downforce
  • The Brembo® brake callipers, painted red on the Cup chassis so that they are instantly recognisable to enthusiasts
  • R.S. Vision high-performance lighting, unique in this market segment, that combine four functions: sidelights, cornering lights, fog lights and long-range high beam lights

Test drives are available at selected Renault showrooms by appointment only and can be requested via the Renault Malaysia website.

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