Perodua ECO Garden Green Initiative Takes Root

Perodua ECO Garden Green Initiative Takes Root

L-R: Perodua Chairman Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin; Selangor Department of Environment Director Tuan Haji Shafe’ee Yasin (on behalf of Malaysian Department of Environment Director-General Dato’ Dr Ahmad Kamarulnajuib Che Ibrahim); Perodua President and CEO Dato' Zainal Abidin Ahmad and Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn Bhd Vice-President Datuk Ahmad Suhaimi Hashim at the launch of the garden.

Having a portfolio of EEV (Energy Efficient Vehicle) certified car models and being the biggest seller of EEVs isn’t enough, according to Perodua. This thinking is what led to the establishment of environmentally-sustainable practices in the company. The Perodua ECO Garden is the automaker’s green initiative that was announced in 2017 and was recently launched. Situated within Perodua’s 400-acre campus that houses its headquarters, R&D, manufacturing and training facilities, as well as a children’s daycare centre, the ECO Garden is a 1,500 square metre garden first mooted by Mr. Masanori Takahashi, President of Perodua Auto Corporation Sdn Bhd.

Perodua Campus_ECO Garden_MalaysiaThe ECO Garden is the company’s initiative to incorporate green practices in its facilities and operations. “As a company that operates in an energy- and resource-dependent industry, Perodua wants to change how its products and operations impact the world around us,” Perodua Chairman Tan Sri Asmat Kamaludin said.

“We want to prove that we deeply care for the environment and are constantly looking to make our processes and products more ecologically sustainable,” he added.

Perodua ECO Garden_Water Feature_Treated Wastewater_MalaysiaThe eco-friendly garden features a natural forest with a diverse range of trees and plants, a fish and water lily pond that makes use of treated wastewater, a recreational park, a learning centre as well as an organic herb garden. The garden is also constructed largely from recycled manufacturing waste materials, with the lighting and water pumps powered exclusively by solar.

“Waste reduction is a key component in the quest for efficiency, which is Perodua’s perpetual goal and which is not limited to our Energy-Efficient Vehicles (EEV). We always strive to ensure every aspect of our operations is as lean, clean and green as it can be,” Tan Sri Asmat continued.

Perodua ECO Garden_Laman Hijau_Sungai Choh_MalaysiaIn its effort to use more sustainable energy sources and be more eco-friendly, Perodua has installed solar panels and rainwater-harvesting systems in several buildings. Its new staff locker room facility, named Lemari, also makes use of a green wall for natural insulation. Further, a one megawatt solar panel at its test track is expected to be ready soon.

“We hope our initiatives will also inspire our employees, the industry and the Malaysian public to continuously pursue a more sustainable and environmentally-friendly way of life. Together, I’m certain we can all make a difference,” said Tan Sri Asmat.

Perodua is Malaysia’s No 1 Energy-Efficient Vehicle (EEV) manufacturer, having produced and sold over 650,000 EEVs to date, including the Axia, Bezza, third-generation Myvi and Aruz seven-seater SUV.


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