Continental Invests In Human Resources Via C.Drive Program

Continental Invests In Human Resources Via C.Drive Program

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Continental HMI Technology AdvancementContinental has been developing instrument clusters for the automotive industry for over 100 years, going from analogue to fully digital ones. As the human-machine interface (HMI) becomes more prominent in modern vehicles, and more digital, Continental is also putting emphasis on the development of software engineers.

In conjunction with the ground-breaking ceremony at its Penang facility, which will be upgraded into a state-of-the-art smart facility, Continental is also starting a new training program as an investment into human resources and technology. The Continental C.Drive Program is expected to bridge the gap between academia and automotive industry expectations for fresh graduates and is a good opportunity for the local engineers to be developed and gain knowledge.

Continental expects to take in at least 25 recruits via the C.Drive Program annually. Those who are accepted in this program will join as Continental employees and receive company benefits accordingly. For the long run, the company aims to work with more local institutions of higher learning to develop relevant curriculum and human resources.

Continental Automotive Malaysia Chart“The future is in software development and with the C.Drive Program, we aim to build highly competent engineers in the automotive domain”, said Mr Bogdan Simonia, Director and Head of Research and Development for Continental Automotive Components Malaysia Sdn Bhd. The program will also create a sustainable hiring avenue that always offers a pool of Engineers in the making”, he added.

Continental Automotive Components Malaysia, R&D, Prototype Instrument ClusterThe C.Drive Program is designed to engage fresh engineers and equip them with all necessary skills for Automotive Software Development. The program includes interactive classroom sessions, a self-study period as well as time bound team assignments. During these activities, they will have the opportunity to work with experts in the actual working environment and experience real projects, which will further develop their expertise.

The program will start in July 2018 and offers both technical and soft skills, thus emphasizing not only on engineering topics but also on personal interaction skills that are crucial for having successful careers. The 6-month program will be available on a yearly basis.

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