See And Be Seen : A Road Safety Programme By Volvo Trucks...

See And Be Seen : A Road Safety Programme By Volvo Trucks For Cyclists

Volvo Trucks Malaysia continues its emphasis on spreading road safety awareness with another road safety programme called “See and Be Seen” which focuses on awareness in traffic for cyclists.

Volvo Trucks Malaysia, See And Be Seen, Scouts, INTI College Volunteers, Volvo FHThe programme uses activities that demonstrate how to improve safety in the interaction between cyclists and truck drivers. It was launched and introduced to a gathering of around 800 active scouts from schools all over Malaysia who attended a scouting skills competition and campfire held at Hin Hua High School in Klang, as part of its 70th year anniversary activities. 15 students and lecturers from INTI College, a volunteering partner of Volvo Malaysia’s corporate social responsibility projects, also attended the event.

Mats Nilsson, Managing Director, Volvo Malaysia said, “See and Be Seen is the second road safety programme that we are currently running in Malaysia. Our other road safety programme, Stop, Look, Wave, which we have been rolling out in partnership with KidZania Kuala Lumpur, has delivered road safety messages and created higher awareness with 17,717 children from 153 primary schools and thousands of people at 10 public events. As a result of the success of this programme, Volvo has decided to kickstart See and Be Seen as well, this time with the primary objective to bring road safety message to cyclists.”

Tuan Noor Hashim Bin Ismail, Selangor Scout Deputy Chief State Commissioner shared his delight, at the launch, in partnering with Volvo Trucks for the first time to bring road safety message to scouts. He also commended the company for running this community effort and expressed his interest to continue this partnership with Volvo and to bring See and Be Seen to state-level scout associations.

Volvo Trucks Malaysia, See And Be Seen Presentation, Hin Hua High School, ScoutsAt the event, Volvo Trucks delivered the message on road safety via various indoor and outdoor activities which included presentations with interactive stories and simulations of actual road conditions such as identifying and understanding blindspots of trucks and what to do when faced with large trucks on the road.

“Most accidents are due to human factors such as lack of attention, poor understanding and misjudgement. Through See and Be Seen programme demonstrations, we hope that cyclists will be able to learn more about the blind spots of a truck driver and how to maintain safety for themselves at all times while on the road,” added Nilsson.

Volvo Trucks Malaysia See And Be Seen Road Safety Campaign, Volvo FH, Scouts, MalaysiaTo make the simulation as real as possible, the participants walked around a stationary Volvo truck to observe the different spots where bicycles were placed. They were subsequently required to climb into the truck driver’s seat and see for themselves the driver’s view of the road, his surroundings as well as blind spots. Volvo Trucks’ facilitators were also on-hand to further explain about road safety to the participants.

Soh Shao Qi, Scout Master for Hin Hua High School commented, “We really appreciate Volvo Trucks’ presence and commitment to deliver road safety message to all the scouts and teachers. I hope we will have an opportunity to organise this invaluable See and Be Seen session again for the benefit of Hin Hua High School’s more than 3,300 students.”

“Safety is one of Volvo’s highly important core values which has acted as a guiding principle in our work. It is embedded in our zero accident goal, culture and brand heritage. It motivates us to keep developing products and community projects that enhance safety for all” said Nilsson.


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