Own Yourself Some Honda ‘Challenging Spirit’ Merchandise

Own Yourself Some Honda ‘Challenging Spirit’ Merchandise

Whether or not you’re a Honda fanboy doesn’t hide the fact that the brand has had to endure some bumps since its establishment in the late 1940s, right up to the present day; from attempted hostile takeover by rivals, to building a reliable engine to match its Formula One rivals. But the company runs on perseverance. It’s the ‘Challenging Spirit’ embraced by its employees that lead it to carry on.

So if you admire that spirit, and the brand, then treat yourself to Honda’s range of ‘Challenging Spirit’ themed merchandise, inspired by Honda’s personality which carries the value of persevering, working hard and never
giving up.

13 New Honda Merchandise_Shoe Bag - MalaysiaThe merchandise line-up features ‘The Great Wave’ motif, a native Japanese-inspired illustration, which encapsulates Honda’s ‘Challenging Spirit’ DNA and is a representation of its core value in facing any challenge.

The merchandise range is of contemporary design and covers a broad range, from active lifestyle to corporate. There are men and women’s bomber jackets, polo shirts, duffel bags, travel pouches and umbrellas, etc to pick from. At the moment, the items are priced affordably from RM25 to RM129.

You can visit any of the authorized Honda showrooms nationwide to view the merchandise, or visit www.honda.com.my/corporate/merchandise.



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