Is The New Perodua Myvi Geared Up To Shift The Paradigm?

Is The New Perodua Myvi Geared Up To Shift The Paradigm?

Perodua Myvi Gear Up 2017 MalaysiaIt’s all over the news and I’m sure you have seen enough pictures and read enough articles on the new Perodua Myvi that you probably know it better than you know your best friend. But on the off-chance that you missed the news, Perodua just launched the 3rd generation Myvi yesterday.

The first Myvi changed the game for Perodua, and the Malaysia car market 12 years ago. It came into the market at a time when sedans were dominant and stole some thunder from many an entry-level model, foreign brands included, because it offered fuss-free mobility in a budget-friendly package. It was the first car purchase for some, and a secondary car for the household for others, and thus had a wide target segment. And it looks like Perodua is intending to continue this trend of being ‘mass-market-friendly’.

Perodua Myvi 1.5 L Engine, Malaysia 2017Perodua’s new Myvi continues to be powered by 1.3L and 1.5L engines. The 1.3L is the 1NR-VE engine that’s also found in the Perodua Bezza. The 1.5L is the 2NR-VE engine similar to that in the Toyota Avanza. Both engines feature Dual VVT-i (variable valve timing – intelligent). The 1.3L produces 94 hp and 121 Nm while the 1.5L produces 102 hp and 136 Nm.

These 2 engines are found in 5 variants – 1.3L Standard G manual (RM 44,300), 1.3L Standard G auto (RM 46,300), 1.3L Premium X auto (RM 48,300), 1.5L High auto (RM 51,800) and 1.5L Advance auto (RM 55,300).

But the impact of the new Myvi isn’t so much of how Perodua has benefited from the technical partnership with Daihatsu Motor Co. by tapping onto Daihatsu’s available platforms and powertrains, nor is it the initiative of Perodua to design its own upper body and interior (with guidance from Daihatsu) to develop local design expertise instead of adapting an existing Daihatsu model, it’s how Perodua has provided new benchmarks in the entry-level segment which will send ripples upwards.

Perodua Myvi LED Headlights 2017 Launch MalaysiaBecause, standard across all Myvi variants are features like LED headlights with ‘follow-me-home’ function, LED rear combination lamps with light guides, keyless entry with push button start, digital aircon controls, front & rear seat belt reminder, Anti-lock Braking System with Electronic Brake-force Distribution, and Vehicle Stability Control. Further, the 1.3L variants get 4 airbags, and the 1.5L, 6 airbags.

The above are common features found mainly in higher priced cars, but uncommon in their basic spec variants.

From the Myvi 1.3L Premium X onward, the cars get the Eco Idle function and Hill Start Assist. The 1.5L models also have an integrated toll card reader i.e. an internal Smart Tag.

A.S.A. - Perodua Myvi 1.5L Advance, MalaysiaFurther pushing the goalpost is the Advanced Safety Assist (ASA) available only in the 1.5L Advance variant. This is a suite of safety features which include Pre-Collision Warning (PCW), Pre-Collision Braking (PCB), Front Departure Alert (FDA), and Pedal Misoperation Control (PMC).

PCW is an alert system which assesses collision risk and alerts the driver (this works between speeds of 4 km/h – 30 km/h). If the driver doesn’t react, PCB will step in to assist in stopping the car (it will not work if the steering is turned). Depending on your speed, PCB may not completely avoid a collision, but reduce the damage.

FDA alerts the driver when the vehicle in front has moved, and the Myvi is still stationary. This is a useful feature for those who are preoccupied with their phones when in traffic, to be less of an annoyance to the cars queued up behind.

PMC is an accident mitigation feature when the wrong pedal is depressed, or the wrong gear is used. For example, instead of selecting ‘R’ to reverse out of a parking lot, you engaged ‘D’ and step on the throttle making the car move forward instead of backwards. If there is a wall in front, PMC will detect it and suppress the throttle allowing you take come to your senses and take necessary action. In a similar scenario, you might have stepped on the wrong pedal (gas instead of brake) and likewise, PMC will act if it detects an obstacle/wall in front.

The ASA features are dependent on a forward-facing stereo camera which like the human eye, can be hindered by bright sunlight, darkness and bad weather. What the Perodua Myvi has is a basic system that acts as a driving aid and is not meant to take control of risky situations. The onus to pay attention and react is still on the human driver.

Nonetheless, the Myvi is the only car with such features that doesn’t cost over RM 100,000. And with the features listed earlier as standard kit, there’s a chance we might hear “If Perodua can, why can’t you?” at other showrooms.

Perodua Myvi 1.5L Advance AV Rear View Malaysia LaunchBefore the official launch, Perodua had announced that it had already received 5,000 bookings for the new Myvi, with 78% of them for the 1.5L variants. More bookings are expected over this weekend as the car has been revealed and available in showrooms for viewing.

As to how successful this new Myvi is, it will depend on the actual sales figures Perodua will reveal in due course. But judging from the reaction from the guests at the launch who aren’t from dealerships or media, we think it will be another home run for the company.



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