Scania Recognized For Safety And Sustainability

Scania Recognized For Safety And Sustainability

Lantz (2nd from left) receiving the award from the Minister (3rd from left) during the Sustainable Urban Transport Summit 2017 With them are Chris Daniel Wong, Organising Chairman of MDCC (extreme left) & Roger Wong, President of Asia Pacific CSR Council (extreme right).

Scania Malaysia has received the award for Excellence in Commercial Trucking Safety from the Malaysia Digital Chamber of Commerce (MDCC) and Asia Pacific CSR Council, as recognition for the company’s record on sustainability in transportation, especially in the area of safety.

The award was presented to Scania Malaysia by Minister of Transport, Dato’ Sri Liow Tiong Lai, at the recent Sustainable Urban Transport Malaysia Awards 2017, held in conjunction with the Sustainable Urban Transport Summit 2017.

The summit included the presentation of awards to industry players who have excelled in various areas of Sustainable Urban Transport, acknowledging the role of transport projects that have contributed to the well-being of society by improving the experience of transport users and adding to the successful development of the nation’s sustainable transport infrastructure.

Scania Southeast Asia’s Sustainability Manager, David Lantz received the award on behalf of Scania Malaysia. Lantz, who was also a panel speaker for the topic “The Challenges of Trucking & Logistics Driving Sustainability”, shared Scania’s expertise in the area of sustainable, safe and smart transportation solutions like alternative fuels and autonomous vehicle and systems.

Scania R 580 Heavy Hauler - Tiong Nam Heavy Transport And LiftingIn line with global and regional trends towards a sustainable future, Scania takes the lead on sustainable transport systems by providing solutions with the objective of enhancing quality of life for society in general and to improve profitability for its customers in particular.

Lantz addressed the 4 main drivers for sustainable transport solutions that Scania has identified i.e. congestion, pollution, climate change (reduction in CO2 emissions) and energy security, with the main aim of achieving the best balance between CO2 emissions, quality and cost to improve logistical efficiency. During the session, Lantz also touched on using alternative fuels such as biodiesel and bio-gas, which are available in Malaysia, and are as reliable as other fossil fuels and have a proven track record of lowering CO2 emissions by up to 90%.

Scania Driver Competitions Southeast Asia 2016-2017 Finals, MAEPS, MalaysiaScania offers Driver Training and Coaching services because drivers are the most important assets of a company; Lantz reiterated how vehicle operating economy is enhanced by driver performance, which can save up to 10% in fuel consumption. When equipped with the proper driving techniques, there can be an immediate increase in fuel efficiency, road safety and sustainability, together with significantly reduced downtime and operating costs.

The driver training program provides an in-depth practical knowledge on how to get the best out of a Scania. The driver coaching programme provides the one-to-one sessions that pave the way towards excellent driving habits and techniques.


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