MIROS to spearhead road safety agenda across ASEAN

MIROS to spearhead road safety agenda across ASEAN

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The Malaysian Institute of Road Safety (MIROS) has been collectively appointed by the various transport ministries of ASEAN countries to champion road safety-related matters across the region.

It was decided during the ASEAN Transport Ministers Meeting in November 2014 at Mandalay, Myanmar, that MIROS would serve as the ASEAN Regional Road Safety Centre, its role to promote issues of road safety and disseminate relevant knowledge of the subject among ASEAN member states.

According to the Deputy Transport Minister of Malaysia, Datuk Abdul Aziz Kaprawi said, “The ASEAN Regional Road Safety Centre will aim to provide knowledge about the situation concerning road safety in ASEAN Member States which include information on the following: traffic laws and regulations, road accident data, road transport data, vehicle regulations concerning standard and inspections, driver training and driver testing, traffic police activities, road safety training in schools, road safety information, and campaigns to the community.”

Abdul Aziz was speaking to reporters while officiating the Conference of ASEAN Road Safety 2015 (CARS 2015) that is being held in Berjaya Times Square Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, from today, 3 Nov, until Friday, 6 Nov 2015.

He further added that, “While each country has their respective road safety enforcement, advocacy, and research agencies, we believe that by synergising our efforts and knowledge, we can achieve better results. Efforts to improve road safety is no doubt a priority of all governments, as traffic accidents can result in damages to vehicles, injuries, and loss of lives.”

Established in 2007 as an agency under Malaysia’s Ministry of Transport, MIROS’ founding mission was to serve as a central repository of knowledge and information on road safety. Despite operating on limited resources, MIROS has been instrumental in raising awareness in road safety among Malaysians in recent years, although not yet to required levels, but by margins that are nevertheless significant.

In 2011, MIROS started the New Car Assessment Programme for South East Asia (ASEAN NCAP) that has to date tested 55 vehicle models covering various passenger cars, SUVs, and pick-up trucks. The agency’s lobbying efforts has been a key factor that sees vehicles sold in the Malaysian market having among the highest standards of safety in the region, with most cars now having a minimum of dual airbags and ABS as standard, and electronic stability control (ESC) also becoming increasingly widespread.


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