Toyota Innova delivered for use as Teksi 1 Malaysia

Toyota Innova delivered for use as Teksi 1 Malaysia

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The Land Public Transport Commission (Suruhanjaya Pengangkutan Awam Darat, SPAD) has officially taken delivery of units of the Toyota Innova as an additional model to supplement the Proton Exora in its fleet of Teksi 1 Malaysia (TEKS1M) taxis that have been operating around the Klang Valley, Johor, and Penang.

Part of an initiative by SPAD to transform the local taxi industry, SPAD had required that all registered taxis at their age limits to be upgraded to TEKS1Ms beginning October 2014. To date, some 3,367 vehicles have been approved to be swapped for TEKS1Ms and in the process of being registered for road use.

Besides having new vehicles, TEKS1M drivers undergo additional training claimed to instill higher levels of professionalism and service in them. To date, SPAD has trained 1,021 operators and drivers for the scheme.

The Toyota Innova is an extremely popular choice among taxi operators across the ASEAN region, and according to UMW Toyota Motor President Datuk Ismet Suki, the company has thus far received 300 bookings from individual and company taxi operators. The company targets to sell 700 units of the Innova under the TEKS1M initiative by the end of 2015.

Based on the Innova E grade trim, the Toyota Innova TEKS1M is available with a choice of manual and automatic transmissions, priced at a duty-exempted RM72,550.83 and RM75,333.16 respectively on-the-road with GST but without insurance.

Picture: Official Toyota release.



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