GT Radial Champiro SX2 UHP tyre launched

GT Radial Champiro SX2 UHP tyre launched

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Indonesian tyre maker, PT Gajah Tunggal Tbk, better known for its GT Radial branded tyres, officially launched the new GT Radial Champiro SX2 ultra high performance (UHP) tyres yesterday in the midst of a busy day in the Sepang International Circuit that also served to simultaneously host Round 2 the Megalap time attack series on the track and the new Gymkhana Auto-X Series 2013 (GAS) being held at the paddock parking area.

Present in Malaysia since 1998, GT Radial achieved a big leap in recognition from our market a couple of years back after being appointed as OEM tyre suppliers for Proton, who fits the Champiro BAX2 tyres in the Exora Bold and Preve. Previously sustained by local dealers and distributors, Gajah Tunggal officially established its presence in Malaysia a year ago, and it is now seeking to grow its market share here.

GT Radial posits the Champiro SX2 as a tyre for sports and performance vehicles providing high levels of traction, responsive steering, handling and driving control on dry and wet roads. It is claimed to be a street-legal tyre suitable of daily driving by enthusiasts.

Three main features of the Champiro SX2, according to GT Radial, worth highlighting are its dual block tread design with extra wide shoulder block to improve cornering stability and grip, advanced tread compound providing excellent adhesion for solid dry and wet grip, and three deep circumferential grooves facilitating effective water dispersion to reduce the probably of aquaplaning in heavy rain.

Further emphasizing the Champiro SX2’s sporty credentials, GT Radial has been extensively supplying these tyres to drivers competing in Formula Drift (FD) Asia 2012, Indonesia’s National Gymkhana Championship 2012, and Australia’s Pro Drift Series 2012. In Malaysia, a similar motorsports-based strategy is being adopted to promote the SX2; prominent racer and drifter Ee Yoong Cherng, who competed in FD Asia 2012 under the GT Radial Drift Team, has been appointed to provide positive testimonial of the tyre’s performance, which can be read in his personal Facebook page.

At the launch event yesterday, members of the media were given the opportunity to try out the Champiro SX2 tyres in a simple gymkhana pad on the concrete surface of SIC’s paddock parking lot. Trying the SX2 in the first generation model of BMW’s MINI Cooper S, I found the SX2 impressively resistant to understeer around a long sweeping bend and the slalom course, both of which were configured to increasingly tighten.

The course was comfortably negotiated entirely in first gear, and I was the first to put the tyres to the test that morning. It was in essence a simple test, and my impressions most certainly should not be regarded as an outright verdict at this stage.

The GT Radial Champiro SX2 is available in six different sizes, with a further seven due to be made available later.

Currently available sizes are:
– 195/50 ZR15 82W
– 215/45 ZR17 87W
– 225/45 ZR17 91W
– 235/45 ZR17 94W
– 245/40 ZR17 91W
– 265/35 ZR18 97W XL

Sizes coming soon are:
– 195/55 R15 84W
– 205/50 R16 87W
– 215/40 R17 83W
– 235/40 R17 90W
– 235/40 R18 91W
– 245/40 R18 93W
– 235/35 R19 87W


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