Mercedes financial services app for iPhone and iPad users

Mercedes financial services app for iPhone and iPad users

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You can really find apps for almost all purposes, and from Mercedes-Benz comes what is called the myMBFS app which is multifunctional Mercedes-Benz Financial Services App that is available in all 12 markets of Daimler Financial Services’s Africa & Asia-Pacific region. Jointly developed in the USA and Singapore, myMBFS is fully localized to country-specific requirements.

For Malaysia, the app’s arrival comes shortly after the launch of Mercedes-Benz Services Malaysia (MBSM) in November 2012, a member of Daimler Financial Services AG, to provide automotive financing and insurance solutions to local Mercedes-Benz customers.

The myMBFS app can be downloaded free of charge from the Apple App store and is compatible with devices running iOS 5.0 or higher. Key functions of the App are:

  • Estimator – this feature allows the user to determine the monthly payment amount for the Mercedes-Benz car of choice by specifying the financial product (length of contract, down payment, balloon, etc…) and select the insurance.
  • Get Quote – after determining the monthly payment value, the user can request a detailed vehicle quote from a local dealer by simply providing a few contact details and sending an email request for quotation.
  • Promotions – this feature allows users to see what active finance and insurance promotions are available on Mercedes-Benz cars.
  • Dealer Locator – allows customers to view authorized dealers in their area, searching by GPS or City. Once the results are displayed, the user can call or map the dealer location using the iPhone/iPad’s internal mapping client.
  • Contact Us – important contact information for MBSM is displayed in this section, allowing users with additional questions to reach out to MBSM directly.




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