Bosch Car Service workshops to open in 500 Caltex stations in ASEAN

Bosch Car Service workshops to open in 500 Caltex stations in ASEAN

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Chevron and Bosch have signed a memorandum of understanding to open Bosch Car Service workshops and retail shops at 500 Caltex stations in the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, and Cambodia over the next five years.

The Bosch Car Service workshops at Caltex service stations will provide services to multi-brand vehicles offering diagnosis, maintenance and repairs. Caltex Lubricants and Bosch Automotive Aftermarket products and parts will also be sold at Caltex service stations where Bosch Car Service workshops are located.

“A multitude of factors contribute to an enjoyable driving experience and maintaining one’s vehicle tops the list. Our partnership with Bosch demonstrates the commitment from both companies to provide customers with the best experience on the road. Our motorists will benefit from the combination of Bosch’s automotive engineering expertise and our long-standing energy efficiency solutions,” said Peng Xiaofei, Vice President, Asia Pacific Products, Chevron.

“With the expansion of the Bosch Car Service footprint across Southeast Asia, motorists will appreciate the accessibility of a diverse range of reliable, quality automotive maintenance and repair solutions with the proximity of Caltex service stations,” said Martin Hayes, President of Bosch in Southeast Asia.

Pictures: Official Chevron release.


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