Toyota Prius recall – two units affected in Malaysia

Toyota Prius recall – two units affected in Malaysia

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Toyota has announced another round of recalls for its models, this time involving 2.77 million units for two different issues – steering shaft and water pump, the latter exclusive to hybrid-powered models, among them the second-generation Prius.

UMW Toyota Motor today issued a statement affirming that owners of the current third-generation Prius and other Toyota and Lexus hybrids need not worry as the recall does not concern them. There are, however, two units of the second-generation Prius running around our streets, and they are subject to the recall, together with some 622,000 Toyota hybrids worldwide.

The steering shaft issue does not concern any Toyota or Lexus model officially sold in Malaysia.

UMW Toyota Motor’s statement further affirmed that the company will contact the two affected customers for this special service campaign, and that there is no cause for concern on this matter.

Picture: Official Toyota release.


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