Peace of Mind with Korean Car Mates

Peace of Mind with Korean Car Mates

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Selecting the right workshop for your car’s maintenance can be a tricky affair. While it is true that you can’t go wrong with going back to the authorized service centres, they can be pretty expensive at times. External workshops are more cost effective on the long run, but not all provide peace of mind with regards to quality and integrity.

Nasty surprises that can await at workshop include usage of fake replacement parts or ridiculously inflated costs. When selecting the right workshop for your car, it is therefore important to choose one with a high level of integrity and transparency to ensure that your car gets the best care without burning your wallet.

Korean cars, especially those of earlier vintages, are notorious for being expensive to maintain despite being relatively cheap to buy. Because there aren’t many of them running around, economies of scale do not favour Hyundai and Kia owners as far as spare parts prices are concerned, which means a trip to the workshop can become costly.

Also, subtle mechanical differences between vehicles of Korean and Japanese design mean that not every mechanic in town is sufficiently skilled to provide your Korean car with the best care. This is where the skilled people at Korean Car Mates come in to cater to your needs. Proud specialists of Korean vehicles, Korean Car Mates is possibly the best place in town to cater for your Korean vehicle’s maintenance needs.

Occupying two shoplots off the busy Jalan Ipoh in Kuala Lumpur, Korean Car Mates has a brightly lit and well-organized work area that instantly inspires confidence to walk-in customers. Huge posters line the wall clearly displaying estimated costs (inclusive of parts and labour) of standard maintenance jobs for most Korean cars that currently ply Malaysian roads. The list is also available for viewing at Korean Car Mates’ official website.

Figures displayed on the posters are meticulously compiled by Korean Car Mates’ personnel effectively giving customers a clear and transparent quotation up front on the potential costs that will be incurred. Worry not about being overcharged for an oil change again, although unforeseen repairs can still add on to the grand total. This outward display of transparency is in line with Korean Car Mates’ overall philosophy of ensuring peace of mind service to its customers.

Another nice touch by Korean Car Mates in the spirit of this philosophy is the company’s very own service record booklet issued free of charge to all customers. Similar to, perhaps even better than, the service booklets issued by manufacturers, Korean Car Mates’ own service booklet allows owners to keep detailed service records of their vehicles, with check boxes to indicate precisely what items were replaced during the service. Owners whose original service booklets are lost or fully filled up will particularly appreciate this.

Korean car owners seeking a competent and affordable party to maintain their vehicles are recommended a visit to Korean Car Mates. Maintaining your Korean car will never be a painful experience ever again.

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  1. Hi Steven. We do not have full prices for KCM’s services, but they can be contacted at at +603 6259 6778 for detailed quotations. =)

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