Audi RS 5 set to debut in Geneva

Audi RS 5 set to debut in Geneva

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We just had a feeling that it was bound to happen, and happen it did, as Audi is now set to introduce an RS version of the A5 coupe at the upcoming Geneva Motor Show. Developed by Audi’s quattro division, the RS 5 receives power from a high-revving 4.2-litre V8 channeled to a rear-biased all-wheel drive system by the 7-speed S-tronic (DSG) gearbox.

Audi RS 5

Up front, the naturally aspirated 4,163cc V8, which in various forms have seen action in the Q7, RS 4, and R8, is renowned for its high-revving characteristics despite its long-stroke design (bore × stroke: 84.5mm × 92.8mm). Fuel is delivered by the VW Group’s FSI direct injection system operating at 120 bar injection pressure. That’s 1,740psi for those of you who operate in imperial.

Thus far, Audi engineers have managed to squeeze up to 414hp out of this engine as seen in the RS 4 and R8. For the RS 5, the ante has been upped to an impressive 450hp, produced at a stratospheric 8,250rpm. Its high-revving characteristic is further underlined with its maximum torque of 430Nm being spread over between 4,000 and 6,000rpm.

High-revving 4.2 FSI V8 under the hood.

Linking the engine to the famous quattro drivetrain is the 7-speed twin clutch transmission of the VW Group, dubbed S-tronic in Audi applications. The standard setting on the RS 5 sees a 40:60 front/rear torque distribution, but a self-locking crown-gear centre diff can vary it anywhere from 70:30 to 25:85 as and when needed. Electronic torque vectoring is also integrated into the system, appropriately decelerating the inner wheels during cornering. Available as an option is a sport differential installed at the rear axle to help actively distribute torque between the rear wheels.

Claimed performance figures are, as expected, impressive, whether or not you take the 1,725kg mass into account. Top speed is limited to 250kph, but raisable to 280kph by request. From a standstill, only 4.6 seconds is needed to break into the triple-digit range. Fuel consumption is claimed at 10.8 litres/100km. Even if we know this is not realistically achievable in day-to-day driving, what’s the worse that it can be? 15? 16? Certainly acceptable for this kind of performance.

No mistaking it for the vanilla-flavoured A5.

Sitting 20mm lower than a standard A5, the RS 5 is shod with 265/35 R19 rubber as standard, but bigger 275/30 R20 donuts can be specified at cost. Braking is performed by vented discs all-round, with 380mm carbon-fibre front discs optionally available over the standard 365mm rotors.

Sales of the RS 5 will begin in spring, with a starting price of €77.7k.

Sporty Interior


Pictures: Audi Press Release.


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