Car ownership made easy by Maybank EzyAuto

Car ownership made easy by Maybank EzyAuto

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As we enter the festive period, many are looking at the purchase of a new car to take home in their yearly balik kampung sojourn. With demand expected to swell, manufacturers are stepping up their efforts to compete with each other for the pleasure of your signature on the dotted line. But the good deals are not coming just from the dealers alone. Maybank, hoping to ease your path to car ownership, has put together what it calls the Ezy Auto Scheme tailored for academicians, government servants, and young graduates.

Starting from as low as RM268/month, with up to nine-year repayment tenure and 90% loan available, car financing has never been easier for buyers. Speedy and hassle free processing of applications are guaranteed, with servicing of loan payments doable either online via Maybank2U, or any of 400 Maybank branches nationwide. It is a step-up repayment scheme, where customers can pay a lower instalment in the initial stages and gradually raise the figure as his/her income level increases.

The Ezy Auto Scheme is targeted specifically at three groups – Teaching Professionals, Government Personnel, and Graduates. Though each of the three groups are subject to different qualifying criteria, they are extended the same terms and benefits by Maybank. The Teaching Professionals group encompasses all school teachers and tertiary-level academicians, public and private, with a minimum income of just RM1,800. Similarly, all Government Personnel with the same minimum income of RM1,800 are also qualified for the scheme.

The third group, the Graduate group, covers both fresh grads and undergrads between 20 and 30 years of age.  Undergraduates qualify for the scheme if they are studying for a diploma or degree at any recognized institution of higher learning in the country, backed by a parent as guarantor. Degree or diploma holders between 20 and 30 years of age employed for at least a month also qualify via the Graduate group, though those employed for less than six months require a parent or sibling’s backing as guarantor.

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Further information, and the contacting of Maybank can be done via our microsites below:

So, hurry up and check out the latest deals from Maybank’s Ezy Auto Scheme. Who knows? You can be one step closer of getting your dream car ahead of Raya!

Further information can be obtained by visiting any Maybank branch, calling Maybank Customer Service at 1-300-88-6688, or clicking


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