Toyotas take RON95 too.

Toyotas take RON95 too.

As the rakyat comes to terms with introduction of RON95 petrol at pumps nationwide, the debate rages on whether which car can or cannot take the new grade of petrol. It has become a hotly discussed topic in our forum, as evidenced by the thread I’ve setup to chronicle our ongoing comparison of RON95 against RON97. Since it was started last week, the thread has attracted 121 replies and more than 12,000 views.

RON95 compatible

Last week, Honda Malaysia released an official statement assuring owners can their cars can accept RON95 without any issues. Now, UMW Toyota has released a similar statement saying that all of their petrol-powered Toyota and Lexus models can accept RON95 petrol without negative side effects such as engine damage or performance loss.

Owners wishing to double confirm this fact are advised to refer to specification section in their owner’s manuals.


Note: Official press release from UMW Toyota posted in our forum here.


  1. Innova’08 facing tremendous power loss using RON95, so obvious during take over & hill climb. Never again for me to use RON95 while going uphill or long distance trip

  2. RON95 yucks, wonder why the govt and other car dealers are promoting this inferior product. Some patrons like Esso and Petronas even go to the length of offering only RON95 as their main choice. I have experienced on knocking on my 5yr old honda city the moment this RON95 is being pumped into. I have never suffered engine knocking before with RON97. I have heard other people having power loss issues with this RON95. Even old motorcycles engines like 12 yr old ex5 is having tremendous power loss, ironically after reusing RON97 the improvement could be felt almost immediately. This is akin to price hike in petrol where the older price is being substituted with inferior fossil fuel. So for now better stick with RON97.

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